Friday, May 22, 2009

At it again!!!

I have decided that blogging is great for me because it motivates me to clean and then I can take a picture and I have something to post on my blog but I'm also getting my house in order at the same time! I love when I can multitask! So, depending on how much I get done will depend on how much you see! LOL!
This area is right next to my front door and who is that in the mirror??? Some CRAZY woman has gotten into my house! Yesterday you saw my chicken/rooster collection and today you see my rabbit collection....much smaller. I don't mean to seriously "collect" anything but the rabbits are very significant to me (long story).....the chickens just came about somehow. I had them strewn all over and then read in some decorating magazine that you should group your collections together....WHO KNEW? So, that's what I there is still the horse collection, a few squirrels....hmmmm.......what else do I have lurking in these dark corners?
The mirror was a great junk store find and the dresser was several years back and cost a little more but not much. I keep a bowl on the dresser for my sunglasses and keys and there's room there to put things that need to be mailed or library books to take back etc. My front door knob to the right has my 2 "green" market bags ready to go when I walk out the door.....form and function. TaDah!


  1. It looks great. I love that bureau and mirror.

  2. What a wonderful vision, The bunnies are lovely and the bureau is just fabulous!


  3. Very nice, I love the picture of you taking the picture in the mirror.


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