Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gifts from the past.....

Nancy Jo gave me these beautiful gifts of her handiwork but at the time I did not have my blog to show them off they are! Ta Dah!

The squirrel has a little reflection on her from the light coming in the window but she is SO cute and she framed it in a darling green frame with glass and everything....that woman is so talented it's scary! She does drink a lot of coffee so maybe I need to drink more rather than less....I'm like a slug anymore.

The bookmark is SO sweet and I always use it to mark my place in my Mary Jane's Farm girl magazine....that's where I met all these wonderful farm girl sisters....Nancy Jo being one of the first! Thanks again Nancy Jo!


  1. So THAT'S how Nancy Jo gets all that stuff done-coffee! I drink some, but I gotta start drinking more!

    She is talented, right? I love the bookcases and yep, to do it right, you gotta pull it all out to put it all back again!

  2. Nancy Jo is really a sweetheart, I drink coffee all day but I don't get much done compared to her. I am inspired to tidy up, but I falter on the follow through. Your bookcase is really delightful, your house looks great!



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