Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some views of my dining room

 have to understand that I have my furniture AND my parent's furniture AND I'm a pack rat! This is not easy to manage and on top of that my parents were "fancy schmancy" while I'm early log cabin...there in lies the rub. You've probably never seen decorating like this and maybe you never wanted to but here it is anyway....


  1. It looks great--Mix and don't match always matches in my book. MB

  2. I don't see a pack rat. I see a very cool artistic area.

  3. Yes, there is no pack rat there! I guess that makes me one, your place is divinely simple and I love that. I can't decide if that little orange table is yours...I think it is and I absolutely love it, color and all! kpaints

  4. Sam, I just love that little desk in the last picture, was that a family thing? That tall cabinet? Whats in there? What a pretty piece that is. I know what you mean about books. I just keep the ones I really like now,but its hard to let them go.
    How big is your house? Mine is so small, I really wish I had more room. Of course I would just fill it up, so maybe not such a good wish. HA. So glad yo showed some pictures. I like to place where everyone lives, makes me feel like I know them better.
    Nancy Jo


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