Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Not sick just tired.............

I was "too pooped to pop" yesterday.  I dozed at my desk, in my chair crocheting and I just couldn't take it anymore so I went to bed! LOL!  I feel much better today.  Maybe sometimes you just have to take "a sick day" whether you're sick or not. 
Not too much exciting still.  I did my regular chores, took my walk and cleaned the litter boxes.  I washed and hung out a load of clothes and watered plants in and's my lettuce; the radishes aren't up yet.............
I filled the water bottles that I drink from and worked on my crocheted scarf......I've done 6 rows and I have 10 left...........I love it but dang it's hard on my hands!

I started a Grandma's Favorite Washcloth as I had a project on Ravelry for a dozen and it only shows that I did 5 so far.  I know I've done some crocheted ones but they don't count on this project.  I am determined to start finishing things!
I did finish Cherry Cheesecake Murder by Joanne Fluke.  It was good but not her best.  The plot was excellent but there was too much "stuff" leading up to the murder which didn't take place until halfway through the book........ now I'm reading book #1 in the Lord Peter Wimsey series by Dorothy Sayers.....we'll see if I care for it.

I started decorating my tree for Spring/Easter............So far there is one crocheted egg and the 3 memorial ornaments that my friend Vickie made which will always hang there; one for Jim, one for Nitty, and one for Annie.  So beautiful, Vickie, thank you again!
Here are your"tidbits" for today..........
 Here's a link to more information
 This looks good to me and I'm not even a fish lover............... Here's the recipe
 and a little humor for you.................
   Happy Trails!!!


  1. I can't wait to be able to plant! I love the yarn you are using to make your scarf, can't wait to see it finished. Loved your snowman cartoon... needed a smile today.

    1. It's supposed to be 81 here today...50's yesterday...this is the way it is down here....overnight we go into summer!

  2. Some days the old energy level isn't what we'd like so we need a rest! Makes me all th emore thankful for my high energy days. :)

    1. Exactly...yesterday was good and I was so grateful!

  3. I've had a day like that too. A headache and sinus pressure that just won't go away. All this virus talk is making me paranoid but I'm sure it's just our weather being so warm last week and snow today. My sinus' can't keep up.
    I'm not a big fish eater either but I do like tilapia. I'll have to check out that recipe.
    Take care Sam.

  4. I hope you feel better. Don't dwell on the virus if you can help it....we are what ever we focus on! Stay well!

  5. Great cartoon!! Glad you are okay...just tired is going around! Carmen has a new shawl cal up on facebook....I am going to try it:)

  6. I loved your other shawls! Who's Carmen? I'll go look. Yes, I heard other people complaining about tiredness so I guess I'm not alone. The sun is shining today so that will be nice for a change.

  7. I read this last night....I like to read just to relax at night sometimes. And guess what we had for dinner last night...pan fried Tilapia! Isn't that funny! We have fish about once a week. I took the fresh Tilapia, rinsed and dried then rubbed it with butter. Then I dredged it in cornmeal, bread crumbs and sprinkles of lemon pepper. We ate it with some fresh lemon squeezed on it! So good and healthy. I want to make French bread today. So nice to make our favorite comfort food. Take care of yourself and get some extra rest! Hugs!


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