Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Yesterday was a productive day which always makes me feel good. After the stormy weekend I was anxious to get outside and see if the pool  had drained sufficiently and yes it did!  Yay!  I painted it some more on the inside and I am calling it done.  You can still see some of the green through the cream color but from a distance it looks fine.  I just didn't want my backyard to look like a permanent daycare center....lol!
Today I will fill with dirt and hopefully have enough of it to plant my plants which are flourishing..........
the cucumbers are taking over............
Remember how I cut the hydrangea down this Spring?  Well, obviously it didn't hurt it...in fact, it is bigger than ever and has really bushed out...........
I found my grass trimmer and had it charged and ready to go.  I trimmed and weeded this area and put my newly painted bench there with some  coreopsis and an elf/gnome statue I got at a garage sale.
One little area of my yard under control........the tiger lilies are especially beautiful this year and so far the deer haven't bothered them...
 The daisies are starting to bloom.........see that pretty little white flower?  It turns into a million burrs!  It's everywhere and I will be going out again today to work on eradicating it.....I think it's called cowslip but not sure and someone said it is what inspired the inventor of velcro....I wouldn't be surprised!  I already have them stuck to my socks and shoelaces.....what a pain!  Wish me luck on this mission!
After I had sufficiently exhausted myself outdoors I came in.  One of my priorities before YOP this coming year starting July 7th was to organize my knitting needles and cables plus my crochet hooks so I could easily check to see if I had the tools necessary for the patterns I was choosing.  This is before.........some are fixed and some are interchangeables...............

This is after...........I found a 3 ring binder and I already had see through plastic sheet protectors that I use for patterns and recipes.  I put them in the binder according to size with the fixed needles in the front and the cables for my interchangeables in the back of the notebook.  I labeled them with my handy dandy label maker.  I put the US size and the length of the cable.  I probably should have put the mm size also but I can always go back and do that later.  I put the cable length on it too.  Supposedly the length of a circular is measured from point to point and I found that not all are equal but close enough for me.   I have my needles organized finally.  I'm sure I will fine tune it as I still have the points for my interchangeables and the crochet hooks but this was my biggest problem.
At the end of the day I worked on my Monthly Monday project.........A Year in Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage Street Samplings.  I am separating the months and doing them individually.  I'm still on January! LOL!  I hope it's done by next January!  I do love it though......I did the champagne glass and bubbles, her hands, shoes and started on some lettering.
I hope you had a great Monday and that the rest of your week goes well for you.
Happy Trails!!!


  1. Burdock and I hate it! Gets on my socks and pants! We try to cut it down as it flowers. It is a pain in the butt. Hope your pool works great! :)

  2. Hi Sam :) Oh those burrs, I see from the above comment it's burdock. We don't have that here, but it's all over the woods near the river. I try to keep the dogs from wandering around there. Your garden looks really nice and I love the gnome! Your projects are so well done!

  3. My daisies are starting to bloom here too. We are getting dry weather now, so it's outdoors for me today.

  4. I love the little corner of your yard with the bench and the gnome. It looks very inviting Sam. The plants are looking great and I think they will love your pool/planter.
    I organized all of my needles a few years ago by putting them in zip-lock bags marked with the sized and keeping them in a tote. My straight needles are in a cup by my knitting chair. I like your idea of the binder a bit better though.
    Keeping you in my prayers my friend.

  5. This time of year it can take a lot of work to tame a yard! Every little bit is a reward, though, isn't it? And good for you for getting your circular needles organized! Looks like a really good way to do it.

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