Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Stitch Maynia Day #1

Before I show you my first project, I have to show you what came in the mail today from my new found 'stitchy' friends on Stitching With the Housewives Facebook Group.   It was like Christmas!  I had mentioned that I wasn't sure I could do all of Stitch Maynia as I just didn't have enough projects and supplies because I had started back xs'ing fairly recently.  I did tell everyone where to find free designs though.  Well, I had several gals that reached out to me and wanted to send me stuff so here's what I's amazing!
From Karen I got all these materials..........I swear there's one in every color! LOL!
 From Carol I got all these kits and patterns...........
I wanted to do an ornament a month this year and now it looks like I can!  I just have to work hard to catch up!
These are really sweet for April and May but they might be a bit big for me as I am so slow......
They are really cute though.............
and take a look at these...Ball jar them!
My other new friend, Joanie sent a package yesterday but it hasn't arrived yet.  These ladies were so generous and wouldn't even accept money for postage!  So, I will be writing them and sending them some things in the mail won't be cross stitching but something homemade with other goodies included.  Who doesn't love to get packages in the mail?
So, now for Stitch Maynia Day #1.  First, I must tell you that I will not be making 31 projects.  I discovered that the original Maynia was to do as many projects as the year so I will do 19 and I will be doing the Blimey Cat method by the originator which means that for every project in Maynia this year that I finish, it opens up a slot to start something new next year plus it will be 2020 so you always get to start at least 1 new project each year for sure.  I think that fits me better and makes more sense to me.  For projects you don't finish this year, next year you work on them on the same day you did this year for Maynia.
DISCLAIMER:  I know this first project is almost like cheating but it's not! LOL!  I finished
 my first project...........the stitching anyway...............actually the final finishing will take me longer than the stitching.............this was a free pattern by The Primitive Hare over in Italy and I used my hand dyed Aida 14 ct and DMC floss but I changed the colors.............
This is what it will hopefully look like when I finish it.............those are felted wool hearts and there are some bells on it too.  Not bad for my first day of Maynia....even though it was a teeny tiny stitchery.
That's all for today folks........tune in tomorrow for Stitch Maynia Day #2!
Also, if you want some super inspiration watch The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch with Kimberly from the Fat Quarter Shop as they all reveal their 2019 Maynia projects......94 total I think.  In fact Priscilla is doing like about an over achiever!  It's on You Tube for Fat Quarter Floss Tube, I's good....I think I've got my list for next year just from watching that episode!
Happy Trails!!!   


  1. Oh my, what wonderful friends! Each kit is my favorite!!! Those ball jars, the April and May, the little sleds, everything is just so cute! Good luck - can't wait to see your projects.

  2. It's fun to share and I know that had fun sending you things you love! They are blessed for your happiness! Enjoy your stitching!

  3. You have definitely made some wonderful friends to sed you so much fun materials and patterns. You will definitely have enough projects now! I adore the Ball jar ornaments. You are much more ambitious than I am, I can't even get up the gumption to finish the one cross stitch I have going.

  4. Good people attract good people and you are certainly the proof of that! What a Christmas in May you received from those loving, giving ladies. So many adorable X-stitching choices you have now. Oh, I wish I could ignore everything else in my life (not really) and sit and do handwork all day, every day. Fun, fun, fun!

  5. Wow! Those gals were very generous. I haven't cross-stitched in a while. Need to get my crafting mojo back.

  6. Love those Ball Jar ornaments! You got some great stuff! :)

  7. I agree...always fun to get something in the mail!

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