Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Very sick Miss Grace............

Evidently both Grace and I  have liver problems.  Are mine in sympathy with hers or vice-versa?  Hers are much more serious......she stopped eating and she is very jaundice.  She's been to the vet twice now and stayed overnight once to get iv hydration and they fed her through a syringe and then they sent her home with me and I have been doing it ever since.  She has appetite enhancers to take twice a day and I feed her Science Diet Urgent Care food mixed with a little water through a big syringe.  Of  course she doesn't like it but it's every 2 hours....not during the night though....I need my sleep.  I talked to the vet today and she is urinating in her litter box and drinking water from her bowl but she won't eat food.  I even went and got her Fancy Feast and she did make an attempt as there were teeth marks in it but she didn't eat any.  She still jumps up on the chair and walks around the house but she is very ill.  The vet said today it sounded like she is starting to pick up a bit and it might take several weeks.  Now, you know why I haven't been blogging or much of anything else either!
As for my liver...........the doctor wants me to diet for a fatty liver and if it is still high in 3 months then he'll order a sonogram.  Huh?  I am not obese, I am not diabetic, and I eat a pretty healthy diet...everything the nurse mentioned that can cause it I don't do!  A high AST could be anything related to the liver.  I said why does he  think it's a fatty liver problem?  She said because he sees a lot of them.....huh?  So without further testing he is assuming that's what it is?   It could be heart, cancer or any number of other things but I'm supposed to wait 3 months to see?  Once I get Grace on track I'll be calling another doctor.  I just don't have time right now.  If this is still going on next week I may have to insist that the vet hospitalize her as I need to take care of myself too and I can barely do that while focusing on her every 2 hours.  I pray she starts eating again and everything gets better.  She is only about 6 years old and such a sweetie.....she cries because she doesn't like it but she doesn't scratch or bite and takes her pill and food like a trouper.  I am so blessed to have the animals I have.
I did manage to make my favorite Green Chile Spinach Quiche...........again with the other homemade piecrust.........
I made another Orange Romaine Salad to go with it............
I didn't do YOP Sunday as I was too busy with Grace and upset about her too.....in researching on the web I discovered I had probably caused it!  It said you should never drastically change a cat's food but gradually or this could happen....I have never heard that before!  In fact the vet had said before that she was overweight and I should probably switch her to canned food as it has way less calories.  She never mentioned weaning her gradually.  I had switched her food!  Talk about feeling absolutely terrible... I would never purposely hurt my animals but evidently ignorance can lead to some serious consequences!   
Anyway, I have got about 1/2 of the first sleeve done on my sweater, I am on the length of the Cozy Memories Blanket now and have almost 4 squares done (I try to do 4 a week) and I have almost 4 of 10 star points done on Star Treetopper Ornament.  The weekly goals last week I am still working on!  And the monthly goals for January never got finished either.  Every time I try to move forward it seems something always happens.....it almost makes you feel jinxed and afraid to push forward for fear something else will happen.
I did get dresser #2 cleaned and polished and I need to clean out the drawers now.  I made another batch of homemade dog treats and vacuumed my upholstered chair in my bedroom and washed the covers for it.  I also finished the book A Year in the Maine Woods...very good if you like nature books.  I'm about 1/2 finished with Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix also very good!
I've been pretty monogamously watching Stitching The High Notes podcast and trying to catch up. 
We are supposed to get an ice storm starting this afternoon and going all night.  It's not supposed to be like the one in 2009 where 18 people died and I about froze to death!  I have good wood now and I am prepared!  So bring it on! LOL!  Although I really don't want to be without power but maybe we'll get lucky!?!  I will try and get around to everyone's blogs but it's pretty crazy here with Grace being so sick.  Oh, my son has sent the camera so hopefully I will be back in business soon with better photos and not having to be plugged in when I take them.  I also got an aromatherapy mister from my sons and grandson for my birthday present.....so nice!  It changes color and mists the air with a lovely lavender scent from essential oil that came with it!  I'll take a picture when the camera arrives.
Please say a little prayer that my Grace girl will recover....I don't want to lose her and I will feel so responsible if I do.   No more pets!  I'm getting too old for this! LOL!
I hope you are all having a great week and staying healthy and safe!
Happy Trails!!! 


  1. Sam, don't blame yourself!!! We've switched our pets often to different foods, sometimes with a gradual mixing of foods, sometimes not...this wasn't because of you! Your emotions are raw right now so please, don't make yourself feel so guilty! I know that I feel terrible any time the pets are sick and I do the same, I blame myself. I just hope that Grace recovers with time. She's so young, little girl. I'm glad you got some knitting done! And your quiche looks great. What is up with your doctor??? It sounds like every doctor here in Quebec, they just don't care. Take care of yourself my friend. XXX {{{hugs}}}

  2. Sam, you need a new Dr, for sure. There are so many other reasons for elevated AST. It that the only elevated liver enzyme? Do not wait 3 months to get rechecked. That is crazy.......this could end up very serious and the sooner you know for sure what it is, the better.

    Now,Miss Grace.........do not beat youself up about the food change. I donot believe that is what caused her issue 100%. I lostan elderly cat to liver disease and it is heart breaking. To hear that yours is starting to drink and is interested in food is such a good sign. She is young and hopefully will come back from this. I will say some extra prayers for both of you.

    I am so happy to hear thereis a camera on its way to you. How kind of your son.

  3. First of all, your quiche looks wonderful. Second, stop blaming yourself about little Grace. We all know how much you love your animals and would never, ever knowingly do anything to harm them. You will do whatever it takes to help her and that is the important thing.
    Third and most important of all!!!!! Get yourself to a different doctor and insist on being tested ASAP. Do not wait that 3 months. I've learned that lesson the hard way. Please do that tomorrow my friend. We all love you and want you healthy. You have been greatly missed recently and I've been praying for you every day.
    Blessings always,

  4. Oh dear. So sorry to hear about all the medical issues. Poor little Miss Grace. I've always heard that you should never change a cat's diet as their stomachs are very finicky. Jingles has only ever eaten dried food. I had always heard that the soft food wasn't that great for them and could cause loose bowels. Unfortunately, there are times when the market is out of the one and only cat food she has ever eaten so a couple of times lately I've had to use a different dried cat food. I buy one that is supposedly vet certified and happens to be extra expensive just to be on the safe side, but even so, I still find her throwing up so I really hope her regular cat food is back in stores soon. She will be 14 years old in April and has only been to the vet once in her life for sickness. I pray little Grace starts to feel better very soon. As for yourself, I would definitely see a different doctor. I once had a sonogram and was told I had a fatty liver and my cholesterol was raised a little. The doctor told me to change my diet and and exercise. A year after that is when I really woke up, started exercising with friends and totally changed my eating which slowly progressed to giving up all meat and then all dairy. Best thing I ever did, health-wise and morally as far as I'm concerned. Everyone's body is different and an elevated AST could be many things or it could be nothing at all. Our bodies are constantly fluctuating depending on what we are doing, what we are eating and can be affected by other medications. But if you are worried, then you definitely need to find peace of mind and possibly definitive answers by consulting another doctor who will spend more time with you figuring it all out. Take care, Tammy

  5. Oh no, no. I am so very sorry about miss Grace, I hope things are looking a little brighter now. And please don't blame yourself, in the wild they have to eat what they can get, so this is not down to you. And as for the doctor, that is ridiculous to diagnose on one result and ignore all other information, I thought that was one of the first things you learnt at medical school that you listen to the whole story. I would see another doctor and put in a complaint about that one. Anyway the quiche looks great, hope this week is a much improved one.

  6. Please talk to your vet about the mister you are using (if you are using it where the cat is). I was told an herbalist that cats bodies cannot handle the essential oils used in the diffuser. I have one and only use it in my bedroom with the door closed, so the cats won't be around it. We disfused in a pot of water on my woodstove one year and Jasper ripped his hair out (male cat). I hope both of you are feeling better soon.

  7. Poor Miss Grace, and poor you too. With your round the clock care hopefully she will survive...that liver stuff is nasty.
    You should have the Dr re do your blood test, and he should have talked to you directly.
    Take care of you!

  8. Sandra, I've very sorry to read about little Grace. Pls don't be hard on yourself as you didn't know. The vet should have thought about that. I hope she gets well soon. I'm glad you will be seeking a second opinion for yourself. What a stupid doctor; I'd be pissed. Fingers crossed. You're both in my thoughts.


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