Monday, December 12, 2016

The last of the presents arrived....finally!

The slowest by at least a week was Amazon!  I don't have Prime so I guess that means you're "chopped liver" when it comes to customer service.  I'll be shopping elsewhere!'s's everywhere!
Here are the ones that arrived today........this is for Uriah...he's also getting a real watch but it's a Spy watch with many features.....I got to wrapping and forgot to take pictures............he wanted a watch for Christmas and I know he likes Goose Bumps.  I want to read it but not sure I have time! LOL!
 This one is for Grayson who loves bears along with Grandma Sam........this one I have to read before I send......the real story of Winnie the Pooh.............Grayson is also getting his first science kit as he loves to do "experiments"........
I  did read Diary of a Wimpy Kid (for Sam as he requested) but I was not impressed at all.....the kid was a manipulator and was mean to his brothers and his best friend!  This is a best seller and I told my daughter what I thought and she said she knew about it but he's read them before and wanted his own to keep and re-read.  It's alright but I hope he doesn't pattern himself after that kid!  Sam is also getting a "stompin' rocket" like Uriah got for his birthday.  He really liked Uriah's this summer and asked for one.  They are a big hit with the kids and no parent involvement required and it's reasonably priced, I thought.  Fat Brain toys came through once again and their customer service and fast shipping at no extra cost put Amazon to shame! I can't recommend them highly enough!
I did laundry today, some ironing and I have bread dough rising in the oven with just the oven light on...........I make the artisan bread in my cast iron dutch oven pot and it can rise for 18-24 hours before you have to do anything which is nice.....make the dough one day and bake it off the next.
 Last night I finally got the 318 stitches cast on for the peace cowl and today I did the first round....the new cord is curling quite a bit......I hope it relaxes.  I have no business knitting when I have a present to finish for my son but it seems especially at this busy time of year that I need to sit and do some handwork of mine to keep things in perspective and what better way than a Peace cowl?
I hope you had a great Monday! 
Happy Trails!


  1. I love making Atisan bread. Mine sits out in my kitchen to rise and is normally ready in 12 hours. Sorry to hear about the poor service from Amazon. I would send them a letter letting them know how you feel about the treatment of non prime members. Your grands are gonna love their gifts from you.

  2. OMGoodness, you are so patient. 318 stitches? My girls love The Wimpy Kid series. I haven't read it myself but we've watched the first movie and liked it.

  3. It's fun reading about your gifts for the grands. And your bread sounds so yummy. Just having it in the oven rising I imagine it creates a yummy smell in the kitchen. ??? Okay... now I'm off to read what you wrote yesterday! :)

  4. Amazon gave my youngest boy fits when he tried to order from them for the first time. Finally had to get Colorado boy to order for him since he already had an active account. There are tons of Wimpy Kid books out there now along with the movie. My boys were never into them. My youngest did like Captain Underpants. No telling what it was about as I never read any of the books. I really must start making my own bread. I've seen lots of posts on Instagram about the Peace Cowl. Haven't been creating much lately during the week. Trying to get the boys room cleaned and painted and organized before they arrive next week for the winter break.

  5. Fun gifts. I feel like you with Amazon. Our daughter and son both have Prime and get orders promptly. Mine can be coming from just the next state over or even the same state, (Seattle) and it will take 2-3 weeks because we don't have Prime. It's aggravating for sure. I'm really enjoying my Peace Cowl. The rounds are long, but as the cowl grows it doesn't seem quite so bad.

  6. If you order a lot I think Prime is worth it I think you get movies too. Seems like some order take longer than others. All those Prime members are ahead of you! I thought The Wimpy Kid books were a comedy and just for fun...I just looked at Adams a long time ago and they made me smile:)

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