Saturday, December 17, 2016

Summer came back for a visit today!

It was 73 degrees F here today so I took advantage of it!  I washed the windows in my bedroom and then put clean curtains up..........I can wash the inside and outside of the windows from the inside which is nice.........I used these linen white on white dinner napkins that belonged to my Mother.  She entertained very fancy back in the, not so much...........
 but they make great curtains............

 My walls look gold here even though they are a "dirty pale green" color.  I like the gold....hmmmm....future color?
I also cleaned out my dresser so that I could put my knitting and crochet in it and that way clear off the top of my other dresser where it all resided to keep Miss Peeps out of it............
I think I'll use one drawer for knitting WIP's and one for crochet WIPs and the others for yarn stash.
Here's my clean and cleared off dresser!  Yay!  While working in my bedroom I watched Homespun House Vlogmas video podcasts.  She has a Vlog and an Etsy shop and dyes her own yarn.  She's an American living in Berlin, Germany with her husband and 2 darling girls.  It is so fun to see the little ones getting ready for Christmas.  I wanted to get the kitchen windows done too but I had several phone calls and the Terminex guy was here so I didn't get them done.  Tonight we have wind chill warnings of -5......yes, 73 today and -5 tonight!  Crazy!  But I'm glad I got a few windows washed.
Happy Trails!  


  1. And we will feel like summer next week when it gets to 20 above zero, but I suppose the weather forecast will change by then. Those napkins make great curtains:)

  2. 73!!!! Wow! It was -12F here last night before the wind chill was factored in. But we still didn't have the drastic change you have. I'm ready for spring here. Your napkin curtains are so pretty and your Mom would be happy to know you're using them. I just finished watching Molly's latest Vlogmas episode about 10 minutes ago. She's so calm and her home seems so calm too. I really enjoy seeing her girls play as they seem to really enjoy each other's company. Have a lovely Sunday and stay warm!

  3. That is certainly going to be quite a change in weather overnight. Brrr! I need to clean out a whole lot of drawers. Love the napkins used as curtains.

  4. How shiny clean everything is. I took a page out of your book and scrubbed down the bathrooms this morning, even wiping down the moldings and the doors.


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