Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Moving right along.......

It is Garbage Day here and they have been and gone.  I've thrown out 3 items which count for my 52 pickup or throw out, I guess.  I've thrown out envelopes too since I made out bills...does that count?  I'm doing laundry as the rain (60% chance)  doesn't look like it's coming to us.  I put the clean dishes away that were in the dishwasher...I wonder if that counts? Well, I guess the object is to "tidy up" so I won't count those.
We've had a lot of rain here and my yard became a mushroom field...........they were beautiful and big...the biggest ones I've ever seen grow in a yard.  Plate size!
I received a lovely surprise in the mail from Tammy at T's Daily Treasures  and Tammy I thank you SO much!  Look at this lovely card she sent..........she knows me well!  I think I need to frame it.
and...she made me this lovely doily and boy do I love doilies!  Isn't it gorgeous?  I need to make some of these!  Perfect for a candle or under a lamp or a zillion different places I can think of! Tammy can I get the pattern?
My daughter also gave me some things when she came to visit.......some fireplace matches for this Winter in a cute container..........
and this little toy that is handmade from the Amana Colonies in Iowa.
They're chickens eating............you swirl it around and the ball beneath makes their heads go up and down and it looks like they're eating the grain!  Too cute! 
She also brought me this handmade (crocheted) scrubbie that I just love!  In fact, I already found the pattern on Ravelry and I'm going to order some netting fabric to make some for Christmas and more for me!  It is "the cats's pajamas" and is so much nicer than my Scotchbrite pads that are just about worn out now anyway.  Perfect timing!
This is the pizza I made Friday night...........delish if I do say so myself..
I start with these shells (2 in a package and they even give you a plastic bag to put the other in once you open them).  I get the crispy ones but there is deep dish too.  I brushed olive oil on the crust and then added my toppings of fresh tomatoes, fresh green pepper, black olives, pepperoni and red onion.  I put the cheese on top because it keeps the ingredients from falling off once it melts and it tends to keep the pizza warmer longer too.

I use a whole package of provolone cheese slices on top...........
and VOILA!...........one delicious pizza!  I love pizza and when you make it yourself you can use fresh ingredients and also leftover items from your cooking week like onions or bacon or sausage etc.  You can clean out your frig! 
That's all for today!  Oh, BTW, I finally managed to get my shawl going and now it is very enjoyable to work on....whew!  I thought maybe I would have to give up on my career as a knitter! LOL!  I have a hard time thinking that 1 ball of yarn will make a shawl though....especially fingering yarn.  Oh well, time will tell!  Meanwhile it is a very pleasant knit.
Happy Trails!


  1. Great start to your new shawl. You did a stella job on that pizza. I need to practice my pizza dough more.

    1. I need to make my own dough to but I have too many iron in the fire right now.

  2. Beautiful job on the shawl so far...you'll be surprised how much you can knit with one skein of fingering yarn. I can't wait to see it finished. Tammy's doilies are so pretty. She is such a generous person. Love the pizza. Dennis and I both really like pizza so I'm going to look for those shells. Pizza Hut has such a great deal on medium pizza's for the past year that we've been buying those. I've found I can't buy the ingredients to make one for the price of theirs. But boy oh boy! Yours looks so good. When we lived in Omaha we used to go to the Amana Colonies every year for a weekend getaway while Dennis' parents kept the kids. They were always asking to keep them for a weekend so we would take the opportunity to go to the Amana's. We always enjoyed the food and the interesting things we found there. Okay, I guess I've rambled long enough. Have a lovely weekend my friend.

    1. My little farmette was in Swisher about 15 minutes from the Amana Colonies. I used to take the kids there for brunch on Sundays. Family style meals suited us just fine! LOL! I love Pizza Hut pizza and their Buffalo wings but it's 30 minutes from here so I just make my own and stay home. I love chatting with you!I hope the fires are out now. Hugs..Sam

  3. Love the card Tammy sent you ♥


    1. It's one of my favorite artists...Grandma Moses and it is called "In the Adirondacks".

  4. That shawl is going to be beautiful! Nope dishes don't count unless you have them strewed all over the house...but you can make your own rules! Those chickens are too cute! :)

  5. So many great things!!!!!! Love such a happy post full of good things!

  6. Hi Sam,
    Lots of nice gifts, and I think that pizza looks better then any I could buy. Probably better then I could make. You are such a good cook. Hot there today, been a record breaking summer for heat and lack of rain.
    Nancy Jo


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