Monday, August 22, 2016

It's Monday...what are you reading, listening to and watching?

How many ways do I have to read, listen to and watch?  Let me count the ways!  With all the different media today there are multiple ways to read, listen and watch.  My current ways are audible via tape or cd, the printed book, Kindle app on my pc and on my Acer Android tablet. For watching I use a Roku interface to my T.V. and I watch Netflix, You Tube and the Feeln channel mostly. As for the categories I read, listen to and watch currently they are the following:
1. a non-fiction
2. a fiction
3. a library book
4. a book I own
5. magazines I own
6. tapes or books on cd
7. cookbooks
8. Podcasts
9. alternative media for news and what's going on in the world
10. Friday night "pizza and a movie"
11.  television series 
Some of these categories can overlap such as a fiction library book and a non-fiction that I own.  You get the gist.  So, what am I reading this Monday, you ask? I shall now share it with you.
I have one finished non-fiction book but while I had company I was so exhausted I rarely read at all while they were here! LOL!  This was from the library and it was excellent.  They didn't have Women's History in any classes I ever took in my day so I love reading these books now.  This is a current book but it has a lot of history about single and married women in society both in the past and now.  Well researched, easy to read and I recommend it to everyone.  It is a real gem of a book!
I'm reading this one still.  It's good per usual and has some information about gypsies back in the day and I find it fascinating.  When I was a child living in a small northern Illinois town, the gypsies would come to town about once a year with their horse-drawn caravans.  I was fascinated and would follow them around until a relative would drag me off and give me the warning that they stole children.  At that time, I didn't think that would be a bad life so it didn't really scare me.  Their wagons were beautifully painted and I loved their horses!  So, the gypsy part of this book is a real "extra" and dispenses with the myths of stealing that so often was associated with them.
  I even have a Pinterest Board with gypsy caravans....gorgeous!
This week I got caught reading 2 fiction books at the same time....for shame! LOL!  But it replaces the library book I just finished and it too is a library book.............
I've read Anne Tyler before and I know I like her but it was years ago and I can't remember what the name of the book was.   This is about a family and the things that tie us together regardless of our differences.  I'll let you know more later as I just started it.
Another area is my cookbooks...I have many and so I am going to read them and cook maybe one dish a week from the one I am reading.  This is a wonderful one to start with and this is her 2nd cookbook.  She tells her families story and hers at the beginning and it is heart warming.  What a great lady!  She came from extremely humble beginnings as her Mother died when she was 2 and her father raised all 7 children.  She learned to cook and loved it and started her own restaurant in North Carolina and became so famous she's been on GMA, The Food Network, QVC and many other people have interviewed her.  Her story is truly a wonderful one.  I have not tried the recipes yet but I'm getting ready to!  Simple home cooked southern recipes.

The magazine I am reading is a Yankee magazine from August 1993.  I always wanted to live in New Hampshire, don't ask me why but I did and so to that end I subscribed for a while to Yankee Magazine and I still have some to read! LOL!  I know they are old but at least I tried to pick the current season.

  On my Kindle/Acer Android tablet, I am reading this...a bestseller and I hope it works! LOL!  My home could use some "tidying up" at least in certain parts of it. I can't wait!
One of my blogging friends, Connie, at  Far Side of Fifty  mentioned today about playing 52 Pickup but not the card game.  In this one you go around the house and pickup 52 items and put them back where they belong!  I will be playing that game for sure!  Thanks, Connie!
As for watching, this week I caught up with  Stitched in Sweden, Little Bobbins Knits and Inside Number 23 podcasts.  Now I will be trying to catch up with The Bakery Bears podcasts and I have about a year's worth to catch up on.  These are knitting podcasts with some sewing and other crafts tossed in also which I really like.  In fact, Stitched in Sweden is making her own bread, jams and sewing her own bras!  They're gorgeous!  Did you know there are kits for bra making and it is much cheaper to get a good fitting bra.  Who knew?
Friday night at the movies I was going to watch Fargo but it wasn't on Netflix so I watched Pleasantville instead which was recommended by Inside number 23 but I didn't care for it much.  She likes sci-fi and horror so I don' t think I'll follow her movie recommendations.  I thought I'd watch the first Harry Potter movie but Netflix doesn't have that either....none of them!  I like cozy, old, good stories so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.  As for t.v. in the evenings, I've been watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix and Heartland Ranch series on Feeln. Both excellent!  That's all for this week!
I hope you are all having a great start to your week.  Happy Trails!


  1. I should start another book. Right now I am reading magazines and I am always reading cook books but rarely run across a main dish to try but the desserts that is another story they all sound good!
    I need to play 52 pickup every few days at this house! I need to de clutter again and get rid of stuff I don't love anymore.
    I watched Hyde Park on Hudson last week and Miss Pettigrew lives for a day Frances McDormond ...I like her!
    Have a fun week! :)

    1. Thanks for the movie titles! I think we like the same type. Does unloading the dishwasher count in the 52 things? LOL!

  2. I would love to read "All The Single Ladies."

  3. I'm currently reading an old housekeeping book. It's fascinating but L.O.N.G! I'm sure it will take me the better part of a year to finish it. I just finished a few so-so fiction books on my kindle. I haven't watched "real" TV in weeks and boy is it nice. Well, I guess I've watched local news the past few nights to see how close the fires are to us. Otherwise it's knitting podcasts and various u-tube videos about full time RV living. I would love to talk my sweet husband into that someday. Have a wonderful week my friend.

    1. I would be watching the local new too if there were fires that close to fact, I probably would have left by now! I'll pray for the firefighters and also that the fires go out.

  4. Hi Sam,
    Boy you sure have been reading! I like to read too. Always have a book going.
    You asked me about my embroidery, I use Iron on transfers most of the time.
    Nice here today, fed all my potted outside plants ,probably for the last time this year, they start going down hill pretty soon.
    Nancy Jo

    1. I finally got my hands on some Still Meadow books and I enjoyed them but I need to get more! LOL! Is your other blog still out there or did it get lost in the vapors? Sad if it is gone as I reread some people's blogs that I really like and yours was one of them.

  5. You and I could definitely share books! I have a book post ready for tomorrow and put a link to your blog in it too. See you tomorrow...bring a book! heehee! Hugs!


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