Thursday, September 3, 2015

I missed Wednesday!

Where did Wednesday go?  I missed it but I got lots done for a day that I missed (blogging that is)! LOL!   There were some sad moments yesterday like when I "frogged"  my sweater...yes, I know....very sad but it's for the best.  I am on such a cleaning and organizing "jag" that it is all that is on my mind.  When I should be paying attention to my knitting I am thinking of what I'm going to do next.  So, I am not going to work on anything too complicated...just some "brain-dead" handwork like crocheting granny squares or something that I can't mess up after hours and hours of work.
So, on my breaks, I looked at this..........I love this one but I have no pale yellow or blue....this is a "planned" granny square blanket using pre-chosen colors...some day
I really like the "classic" granny square too made from scraps which is what I should do as I don't need to be ordering any yarn...or do I?
This one's a "cottagy" and every 3rd row is red!
I adore the edging on this one.......gorgeous!
Oh, but look at this one with the green and teal borders......and 4 little squares inside a bigger square....a must have/do.....
Oh, pink!  Love it!  I have never really gone "pink" anything but it screams vintage and oh how I love me some vintage.
and then there's the solid granny squares which I have already done some of these and maybe I should continue on.........
In fact, this is the one from Sandra over at Cherry Heart 
that I was emulating.  She has great tutorials and patterns too.
And last but not least the tutorial for these granny squares is over at The Patchwork Heart  which is another wonderful blog for crocheting. 
Of course, one can't forget Lucy over at Attic 24  who just came out with a new kit with instructions and yarn for about $35.00 not counting shipping and she has other kits available too. 
What do you think?  Is it the looking or the planning or the doing or the finished product you enjoy most?  If you don't crochet are you tempted to learn?  I love it all but my housework gets in the way! LOL!
Happy Trails!

cleaned up a paper mess that Miss Peeps scattered all over
watered outside
painted 2 coat on South side of shed
cleaned up the house
cleaned the tub
picked,folded, hung and washed a load of laundry
vacuumed kitchen and laundry room
washed kitchen and laundry room floors
put some items in the car for the Thrift  Store
watched the last evening of Live Big Blue on PBS from Monterey Bay!  Wonderful!
made laundry detergent
See....I really did clean my floors....they're very old and splitting in areas and have some permanent discoloring in spots and nails coming up but they must have been good floors to last this long!
 laundry room......
 and look what I discovered in my cleaning...shelf paper I didn't know I had!  Hip! Hip! Hooray!
Adios Amigos!  Later Alligator!  After while crocodile......


  1. Love, love, love all of those granny blankets, especially that grey edging. I've made the 4 squares in a square several times in bright colors and love it. Now I'm working on a solid granny blanket when I'm not doing any other project. It's made of muted colors. Grey, pink, beige and purple or lavender. I think I'll like it. At the trailer I have a knit ripple blanket made from sock yarn that I've been working on all summer when I wasn't making baby hats and could move my arms enough to knit.

    Your floors look great and you're putting me to shame with all of your hard work.

    1. Please show us your projects on your blog when you have time. I'd love to see them! Yesterday I hardly got anything done if that will make you feel better! LOL!

  2. I enjoyed seeing all the different granny square blankets...I am still working on mine joining as I go solid color squares...I could use some more light pink...but I don't want to buy any yarn! :)

    1. I need to join the rest of my Dottie's a good t.v. project.

  3. I love anything granny. So beautiful. I see you are still cleaning and finding surprises too! I'm still cleaning too. Just a bit at a time now, as working in the garden made my sickness flare up again. I'll sip tea today and stick to a kitchen cupboard. Your floors look wonderful.

    1. I wonder if it's allergies you've got? They said pollen was down here but not according to my sinuses or my eyes! LOL! Yes, it's hard to deep clean yet stay on top of daily chores. Today I need to bake bread, and make a supper and dessert plus laundry...still! We'll see how much "deep cleaning" I get done. I hope you feel better.

  4. The 3rd and 4th ones are my favorites. I really love the looking and planning. I like the doing but it can be like driving in the city sometimes. And of course the FO is the best where I get to pat myself on the back lots and smile everytime I see it.

  5. Now I'm even more inspired. Hopefully yarn shopping next week.


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