Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites

During the week I run across different blogs, books, projects, name it.  So, I thought I would share them with you at the end of the week.  The weekend is upon us and what better way to be inspired or motivated or find a little reward for all your hard work this past week.

#1 - I found this wonderful blog on Pinterest when I was looking at one of my pins on cleaning which led me to "a friend of a friend of a friend" sort of scenario.  But it brought me to Jennifer's blog, The Craft Patch  and she has done the greatest thing for all of us.   She routinely tests pins on Pinterest!
They either work or they don't and she does a "show and tell" on each one she tests.  I tried one of her successful ones and she was right!  Not only are they all listed in one section so you don't have to search all over her blog for them but she also has one specifically for recipes. 
I usually clean with vinegar but she had one where you use 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 Dawn detergent so I tried it and I just kicked my cleaning solution up a notch!  Thank you, Jennifer!  Next I'm trying her "approved" grout cleaner.  She also has so much on her blog, sewing, knitting, landscaping, before and name it!  Have fun but get a cuppa before you visit as there is so much there you'll be sitting there for awhile!
#2.  I was over visiting Heidi at Apron History    
( can I just say I love her blog and her house!  She is so "neat and clean" in her housekeeping and that is what I am striving for.....only holding onto things I really love or need).  Anyway, I digress, but in one of her posts she mentioned a favorite book by Jane Brockett.  I want that book and all books by her.  There are 3 she has written and here they are!

 Ms. Brocket is from England and you know what an Anglophile I am!  I can't wait to peruse those pages!  Thank you, Heidi!

#3 - New fabric line from Windham Fabrics coming out this month called Storybook Vacation which I can't wait to get my hands on!

Melissa over at Oh How Sweet has sewn a darling little zippered bag using it..........

"Next month, Windham Fabrics is releasing Storybook Vacation by Whistler Studios.  It’s an adorable collection of repro-like prints that are all about the idyllic scenes of a beach vacation.  These prints are so sweet and really allow for some great fussy cutting.  I thought this collection would be perfect for the simple patchwork zipper pouch pattern from Amy Sinibaldi‘s book, Sweetly Stitched Handmades."
Please visit her blog as she has the cutest things with tutorials for many of them.  It just so happens I have Amy's book already.  Now, I just need to get my hands on that fabric! LOL!  Melissa,  you did a gorgeous job on that pouch!

#4 - Recipes to try this week.  I have some blueberries to use up (hopefully they are not spoiled yet) and Alicia Paulson
made this scrumptious looking blueberry custard looks yummy and it's not even baked yet in that photo!
Also, I'm in the mood for some that is! LOL!  Barilla Pasta
has wonderful recipes on it's website and I might even have made this one before as all their recipes are so good!  This is Penne pasta with Italian Sausage.
Penne with Italian Sausage
Those are my Friday Favorites for this week.  I have lots of "favorites" so I don't think I'll run out anytime soon! LOL!  Enjoy!  What are your plans for the Labor Day weekend? 
Happy Trails!



  1. Those books look interesting. I need to try that bath cleaner. Doesn't take long for our tub to get grimy. I still have anxiety about the weekend coming to an end too quickly and then I have to remind myself that I no longer work in that toxic environment and everything is going to be okay. Every day is a holiday now. HA! :)

    1. I think you'll like the cleaner and I am so glad you are away from that "toxic" environment. I have learned to stay to myself for that very reason and I am all the happier for it. Breath deep my friend!

  2. The cover of the stitching book is eye candy! I covet that darling, zippered bag.

    1. I agree Kepanie! I could get it on Kindle but then maybe it's the kind I want to hold in my hands? I can't decide. And the bag,.....too cute, I agree!

  3. I use a a mixture of baking soda, vinegar and dawn in my tub and works great. I keep it is a squirt bottle. I will try the half and half someday and see if I like it better! :)

  4. I've been using the same cleaning solution and love it too.
    That fabric and pouch are adorable!


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