Sunday, August 23, 2015

YOP Week #8

Well, I've missed 6 weeks of this but I am back now.  I most probably will not be moving as soon as I thought but I am still working towards it and my family came down to help me get the yard in shape so that's taken care of and I have done some organizing, packing and even some painting with "miles to go before I sleep".  But I did get the birthday presents finished and have some new projects in the works also.
First up, the birthday giraffe for my namesake, Sam.  This is a Susan B. Anderson Craftsy class I took and I'm so glad I did.  I think I'm a visual learner.  I also bought her book which has this pattern in it plus so much more!  I really enjoy toy making.
Here's the lucky recipient too.........he loves stuffed animals.......
we celebrated 4 birthdays while my kids and grand kids were down here.
Next up was Uriah's quilt and I only got this picture of it with him.  I was so busy trying to get the gifts done that I forgot to take pictures.  That's his dad holding it up.  Uriah really loved it and he slept with it that night!  I hand embroidered a quilt label on linen that was on the back of it which I also forgot to photograph and it turned out pretty good.

I finished the knitted blanket for Grayson and backed it with a dark brown Minky fabric.  It really turned out great considering all the warnings I saw out on the internet about sewing with Minky fabric.  But then I did all hand sewing of it.  I made a hem and then used a blind/hem stitch to attach it.  Not only did it hide the seams of all those squares but it really helped block it and keep it's shape.  I would recommend backing for sure.  It really looks so much more finished when you do.
Unfortunately, this picture is before I backed it or blocked it.
This pattern is a keeper and it would be a great way to use up scraps too.
I also made a crocheted flower pin for my daughter and once again forgot to photograph.  I live alone so having all those people around was very confusing for me...more than my normal confused state! LOL!  I'm not used to it anymore but I loved it!
All my projects this year are WIP's pretty much or projects I need to make for gifts or kits I have had laying around that I never started.  This is a Dottie Angel blanket that I started and I have all the squares done except for weaving in the ends on the gold one there and doing one more square in the gray.  I need to find a joining method.  I've never joined squares before. Any good tutorials out there that you know of?  It's too late for join-as-you-go.  Dottie did not give directions just some pictures and a few tips but it was no tutorial that's for sure!  She has stopped blogging too which is a shame.  They get famous and then forget those who got them there...their loyal followers.
Current Crochet Project:
Current Knitting Project:
This is a Christmas present so I can't divulge what it will be...........
but it is something from this book..............
Current Sock Project:  I will always be making socks.  I am onto the foot of my Canadiana sock which I need to pick back up again..........

 I also need to make the 2nd Spring Garden sock..........
 Some of my projects are "hush-hush" as I have family that reads my blog.
Current Cross Stitch Project:  
This is an old, old WIP that I ran across in my stash called Frost on the Pumpkin which can't come soon enough for me!  Frost that is and Halloween and all things Fall!
Current Sewing Project:  This is my very first quilt which keeps getting ignored.  That's the backing fabric.  The reason I have it under sewing is that all the quilting is done and I just need to bind it now.  You've probably seen this before and once again it got shoved aside but not this time!
Current Quilting Project:
 This is a gift for someone so I'll leave it at that.......I started quilting it and forgot to put my walking foot on my machine...duh!!!!  There's a few puckers at the end of the row which helped me finally catch on! LOL!
Current Embroidery Project:  I bought this for myself last Christmas and I had looked at it for several years before that.....what am I waiting for?  I love this picture as it reminds me of my home town and childhood. I ordered it from Purl Bee and low and behold, Alicia Paulson also got it and blogged about it.  Great minds think alike! I am starting it this afternoon!  A cup of tea and thee.....
Current Holiday Project:  I was going to call it Ornament Project but then realized that it's so much more than ornaments!  In fact, my plan is to make decorative items for each holiday and slowly get rid of the "commercial" and/or hand bought decorations.  Truth be told, the simplifying of my life has a goal of a "handmade" home....from clothes to food to name it! Maybe I'll even build myself a "tiny house" but then where would I put all this stuff?
These are the supplies from an Alicia Paulson wool felt Christmas Ornament kit but I can't put my hands on the instructions.  Story of my life!  That's what happens when I clean and organize....I can't find a thing! LOL!  But I will! 
Meanwhile, the next holiday coming up is Labor Day so I'm thinking of treating myself to something new.  I deserve it after all those birthday presents, right?  I have little if any patriotic decorations so I think I will do a little internet shopping this afternoon!  Oh, I'm so glad I thought of that! LOL!
Speaking of shopping..........there are a few things you need to know...
There's a drawing for some great yarn at Susan B. Anderson's blog
also a drawing for a darling coin purse kit over at Nana & Co.
but that's not all............Diane from Lavender Dreamer 
posted about the entire set of Miss Marple ebook mysteries by Agatha Christie on sale at Amazon
for just $5.99........I'm just sayin'! LOL!  Good deals are a girl's best friend!
Happy Trails!

P.S.  I almost forgot.........
Yesterday I:
made Mario Batali's Italian tomato sauce
made his recipe for eggplant parmesan
fed the hummers
watered inside and outside plants


  1. My word, you are busy as always. I love the giraffe, I bet he gets lots of cuddles. Also love the stripey socks.

  2. I'd be confused if I had that much going on! WoW! So many gorgeous quilts. I've had a braid quilt in progress for the last four years I think. It's not looking good for this year, but maybe I'll finish it next year? And I just piece the quilt face and then I send it out for machine quilting :) Lazy old me!!!

    The giraffe is awesome! You've done really well with the stuffing and finishing too! So cute!

    Love seeing sock patterns, although I'm not so keen on HBC colours - those point blankets have a very chequered history!

    And we just put our hummingbird feeders out. We see hummers in the spring as they fly through headed north and then again in the late summer as they fly through headed south. I thought it was too early to see them but on Friday one was buzzing Gavin in the back garden so they're definitely here!

    1. A braid quilt? That sounds interesting..I may have to Google that one. Trust me, if I could afford it I would send it out to be quilted too! Around here a crib size quilt costs $80.00 so I just yarn tied it. I just make pretty simple quilts and not too big if I can help it! Now you've got my curiosity up about the HB blanket history....more googling! That's a good sign about the hummers as I've heard we're all supposed to get an early Fall and that's fine with me! Mine come here in April and stay all summer and usually leave in October but they have been acting like they are getting ready to leave.....they buzz me and chatter at me through the window and they let me know when they're leaving. The same family comes back to the same feeder each year so I've been told. It is also unseasonable cool here right now.

  3. What a cute giraffe. Well, all of your projects are amazing. I don't know how you get so much done. I would be confused. Our daughter and granddaughter are visiting and I know what you mean. I'm so used to just Hubby and I, it gets a bit disorienting having extra people around. But I love it.
    I want to learn the magic loop method of knitting socks. It seems so confusing to me.

    1. When I first learned sock knitting I learned magic loop via a tutorial by Very Pink. She's on Ravelry and I think it was $8.00 but very well done and videos to go with it via You Tube. I used several of her tutorials. I used hers to learn DPN's also and definitely prefer DPNs to magic loop but that's just me! LOL!
      I will be by to catch up this week...promise! So glad you are home and well again!

  4. My, you have been busy. Lovely finishes.

    1. Thank you! I stopped by but it was your "sleep in". LOL!

  5. Wow! You have so much going on at once. How do you keep it all straight? The giraffe is too cute for words. My son has outgrown playing/cuddling with stuffies which is fine but does make me a little sad. Did you buy your Canadian socks as a kit. I just love them!

    1. No, I just bought the yarn. I always (so far) use Susan B. Anderson's free sock pattern and she did a pair with that yarn and I loved them. The yarn was a special order (took time but she didn't charge me any extra) it's Fishknits Strongheart yarn in the Canadiana color way. She is on Etsy and Ravelry too, I think. I'm Saminar on Ravelry and all the info is on my project page for the socks. The pattern from Susan is also on Ravelry. For Susan's version just Google Susan B. Anderson Canadiana and it should take you right to it. They are fun and I love the colors and Susan's pattern.
      I try to have each project in a separate pouch or bag and I have certain times and days when I work on certain things. But with that many projects I don't always have a lot of finishes either since I don't focus on one project for any length of time unless there's a dead line! LOL!
      Some "stuffies" are great for just decorating his room and they have more age appropriate characters too like Minions and Superheros...maybe you could squeeze a few of those into his room? Good luck!

  6. You have lots of projects in the works! That Giraffe is as cute as he can be! All your gifts to your grands are one of a kind! Sorry to hear you are not moving soon I know that was something you were looking forward to:)

    1. I know...I was disappointed about the move too but it will happen.....hopefully before I die! LOL! I just keep working towards it and packing non-essentials in the basement in my plastic bins so when the time comes I will be ready! I'll keep you informed.

  7. It's amazing how much you accomplish on your crafting projects while tending to getting your house and land in shape for sale.

  8. You have been such a busy industrious bee, loving all the projects both finished and in progress. I think though the giraffe may just win. I hope the sale can pick up again and happens soon for you.

    1. Thank you, Ruth. I'm on my way towards that goal but meanwhile I will enjoy each moment also regardless of where I live. I remind myself, "No matter where you go there you are." Happiness is an inside job and although I would love to be up North like right now.....I am happy each day and have so much more than so many I have nothing to complain about. Positive thoughts from friends though really help!

  9. My goodness you finished many projects. That toy is so cute too!

  10. Wow, you've been busy! I love the presents you made, and the giraffe is just darling! :)

  11. Wow, you have been very busy. And so much loveliness to show for it. I really like that picture you're getting ready to embroider. It looks like the perfect mix of vintage and fun whimsy.

  12. I've been having such fun catching up on your busy summer and wanted to look at that giraffe....up CLOSE! And I love all of your quilting and crocheting projects. You are so talented. Then I was surprised to see 'me' mentioned at the end! lol These Miss Marple books are such fun to read. I don't want to read them all right away. I want to save some for later! Enjoy your week sweet friend. Lots of hugs, Diane

  13. Love the giraffe that's very cool! I also love the squares blanket, I've seen those type of designs a couple of times but not with different sizes...fab!


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