Friday, August 28, 2015

Fall Fridays!!!!

I can't help myself....I cannot wait for cool temps and frosty nights with the outside chores put away for Winter, fires in the fireplace, candles, soups on the stove and needlework on my until it gets here (we're going back to the 90's next week with no rain in sight) I will be sharing some of my favorite fall "pins" and projects I hope to work on.
My favorite is the last one on the lower right corner with the lights.  I checked it and there are directions/hints and I've written down supplies needed so we'll see.   There are other cute ones too.

 This looked interesting and I love to use my crockpot when I can.........

 I think I told you that I've wanted to make my own decorations etc. for each holiday and this one looked like a nice start from Country Stitches
 I have always "had a hankering" to make one of those pumpkin rolls as I've tasted them and they are darn yummy.  But I really don't want to go to all that length.....this looks much easier....I'm after the taste not the looks..............
 I doubt if I'll get to this but it would be pretty on the mantle...........I'm thinking candles inside though....battery operated with an automatic on and off.....yes, I'm lazy..........
 Another easy project with darling results............and lots faster than the ones I crocheted last year and much bigger........
 Love this sweet little cross stitch from Prairie Schooler
 I used to cross stitch years ago and loved their patterns then............
 This is an absolutely gorgeous table runner and I would love to make it but we'll see how far I get with my fall decorations/projects.  I may not get much if anything done but a girl can dream!
 So Happy Fall to you even if it is a bit early...........
painted sill on front door
painted another half of the shed coat #2
sprayed "poisonous everything" in the yard
mixed up more spray
unloaded some bags of rocks
pulled weeds
cleaned up house
knitted on section 2 of Christmas present

Happy Trails...Dish comes today, more painting and more laundry......boring! LOL!
P.S.  The above "pins" are all on my Pinterest Fall board if you need further info.


  1. It was beginning to feel like fall here, but I think it's going to warm back up. Thankfully not to the 90s like you have! Cute project ideas -- I'd be lucky to get one done!

    I tried to reply to your comment on my blog via e-mail but it came back undelivered. Is Nachusa the prairie you mentioned? I've been wanting to go there but haven't made it yet.

    1. It's in Hanover, Illinois which is about 2 hours west of Chicago and close to Galena, IL. I've not heard of Nachusa unless that's the name of it. That's where I grew up and where I want to move back to so hopefully I will get to see it someday? I don't know what's with email. It seems strangers and pests seem to be able to get through but not the emails I would really like to receive!

  2. We're supposed to cool off into the 70's next week with a slight chance of rain. Very, very needed with all of the fires up here. Your fall pins are inspiring. The pumpkin bread and mason jars with flowers are my favorites...and ones I would be most likely to get done. I'm never really ready for fall or winter but I know it's on it's way so I have to accept it. Have a lovely weekend...and relax.

    1. I accept it with wide open arms! LOL! Lucky you to be in 70's....60's are my favorite. I hope the fires get put out soon and the smoke disappears.

  3. I am waiting for fall to bust through the door. The past two nights has been in the mid-70's. Makes it hard to sleep sometimes. That pumpkin bread looks so yummy!

    1. I can't take the heat so I'll be glad when it's cool. I know, I have to stock up on canned pumpkin!

  4. What great inspirations for fall!

  5. What great inspiration! I do minimal fall decorations too tired doing leaves:)

  6. I can imagine! These are ideas....if I get one done I'll be doing good!


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