Sunday, June 1, 2014

YOP Sunday

Springtime is wonderful but there is so much to do around here not counting the fact that I need to walk daily....which I did this morning.......
This might be a "stink"  bush blooming...not sure.  I didn't get close enough to take a whiff
We've had quite a bit of rain so I have to get outside and get work done before it becomes a might be too late....I did get some flowers planted
I got the front door washed and windows cleaned and I made a wreath out of what I had here in the house....I'm proud of myself because I'm don't consider myself very creative... I had the grape vine wreath and the garland and the watermelon is actually a votive holder.  I was inspired by Connie's Spring wreath that she made over at Far Side of Fifty  Thanks for the inspiration, Connie!

I waxed the door good after washing it because I had painted it with chalk paint and never got around to waxing/sealing it.
I put another bucket of flowers by the front door
  The perennials are coming up gangbusters but they all look a little bedraggled because of the rain we've had.
I also planted a couple of tomato plants in containers, of course.  It's about the only way you can garden down's a jungle!
Oh, I bet you'd like to see some YOP pictures....yes, I did get some of that done too but I know I have lots of work to do to finish up some of these by July!  It's only a month away!
I'm making good progress on the blanket which was NOT part of this years YOP but next years.  It was my first KAL though at the yarn shop so I just  have to work on it.  I know now why people do KAL's......they're very motivating!
I am now on block #14 of 55 and do you see the new color?  It's oatmeal and that is the last color to be added.
You're not going to believe this but I FINALLY got my grandson's quilt, pin basted...that's the good news.  The bad news is that right after I finished pinning it I found a great tutorial about how to do it the correct way.  Will I start over and redo it?  Tune in next week to find out!
I actually finished the bottom of one of the 2 giraffes I am making for the other 2 grandboys.....they are all July babies and my daughter is too so it's a busy month for presents.  
It may not look like a giraffe yet but if you look at Susan B. Anderson's Itty-Bitty Toy book or patterns on Ravelry you'll see the resemblance.  The rest of the body parts are knitted separately.  I'm on to do the head next so hopefully you'll see more progress on this soon.
I'll be by later to see what ya'll have been up to this week for your YOP's.  I need to update my list....I'm almost afraid to look at it.  Plus, I have "supplies" to order for next year's list which isn't complete yet but I'm so excited!  I can't wait to share it all with you next month.  
Happy Trails!


  1. Some lovely flowers and I love the wreath. Your blanket looks gorgeous and nearly there? I love KAL's - I love the excitement preparing for it and then the encouragement as you go along.

  2. I love all the flowers, I love looking at them and seeing them, I just can't grow them, I could do with you coming to sort out my garden, it's just flat neatly mown grass and needs some life and colour. Great going on the wip's and it's so hard to believe that July is only a few short weeks away.

  3. Looks like my giraffe looked when I was at that point :)

  4. Love the warm neutrals in your blanket. KALs are great motivators. ... as soon as I commit to something to others I'm more likely to do it.

  5. Your wreath looks great and very summery! Your blanket looks so interesting! It is fun to see the progress:)


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