Thursday, June 5, 2014

My bi-annual trip to Mountain Home and I won the lottery!

I wish I could've taken pictures on the way because it is beautiful and they have a huge lake with a huge bridge across it that I white-knuckle every time.  But alas, I am alone, so I keep both hands on the wheel!  I had to have lab work done and see the rheumatologist or insurance won't pay for my prescriptions.  I'm happy  to say I am in fine health and while I was there I won the lottery!

Not the Arkansas lottery but I was able to "try" the new "auto-gen" delivery method for Enbrel, the RA drug I've taken for years now.  These are worth about $500.00 per that was $500.00 worth right there and then they gave me 3 more to take home!  That is $2000.00 worth of medicine I got for free!  So, now you see why I felt like I won the lottery?  I am SO blessed!
I also got to visit The Truck Patch, my favorite natural and organic food store.  I was able to pick up some items I've been wanting for awhile now like my favorite shampoo and soap.
I also picked up some local honey........
I stopped at a fabric store and got some fabric to make my project bags that I've been talking about...
and I also got this rug kit.  I need new rugs so why not learn how to make them myself?  Unfortunately when I opened it up at home there were no instructions in it so I called them today and they're mailing them to me.  It comes "pre-started" for you evidently to give you a leg up.  It has a wooden needle that is threaded with the fabric and all the fabric you need already pre-cut.  I love the red.  I'll let you know how it goes when I get the instructions.
 I had an absolutely wonderful day and the weather was perfect.  It's a beautiful drive but a long one and on the way home I stopped at a Sonic for supper.  I never eat out but I had nothing cooked at home and I knew I was too tired to make anything once I got there.  Since my health report was so good I splurged....I had a double bacon cheeseburger, fries and a salted caramel shake.  YUMMO!  I ate it all and I was stuffed but what a treat that meal was!  I hope your week is going great.  Happy Trails!


  1. You did win the lottery, $2000 worth of medication at no charge. You should buy a lottery ticket with your luck running like that. LOL. The material you bought is darling, I like the frog walking wearing a blue coat.

  2. A lottery win indeed. Here just being described the stuff is a win, it's one of the more expensive drugs so the NHS rarely offers it :(

  3. What a fun day and kudos on the savings for you. I love Avalon Peppermint lotion. They make nice products. I can't wait to see what you make with your fabric too.

  4. Go you. $2000 worth of medication is a grand slam. I take Humira and get it delivered to my home and I know how expensive those are. Unfortunately, my doctor doesn't do free samples of it. :(

    Love the rug kit. Stinks that the instructions weren't in there but glad you are going to get them.


  5. Lucky you. Congratulations on your win.


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