Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break is just about over................

I can't believe I haven't blogged for a week but that's what happens when Spring Break arrives!  It was for my grandchildren anyway.  They couldn't come down but that doesn't mean we didn't spend lots of time together! LOL!  One got food poisoning  (at a restaurant), one got pneumonia and was hospitalized and the other one spent his vacation at home because his brother was sick.  Me?  I spent hours on the phone with all of them getting updates, giving advice (when asked), trading the latest great ideas on Pinterest for Easter and recipes, etc.  I spent more time on the phone this week than I have all year but they're all better now and it was fun!
I did get a few things worked on but I am Spring Cleaning and that involves painting too but more on that later this week. For now it's YOPs we're focusing on.
It's done....finally!  I love this pattern and I actually love the yarn but the bulkiness is too much for my hands and the scarf is not as flexible but boy will it keep him warm.  This is the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern on Ravelry for my son, "Jimmy Me Boy".  We are Irish too so I know he will love it.  Should I give it to him now or wait until next Christmas or his birthday which is also in December?   It's getting a little warm to wear it now or is it?  Some places are still getting snow and they were one of them.  I still need to wash it and block it but it's done.  I also bound off  "in pattern" which I've never done before.  I don't know that it made much difference but maybe it did.  This scarf is taller than me and I'm 5'2" so I'm thinking it's 6 feet long.   Plenty of room for wrapping although it is really bulky.  This would make a good coat! LOL!  I do love this pattern and love making cables so there will be more of these but  not in bulky yarn.
I have finally figured out the front and back post cluster stitches but I can barely see the stitches as the yarn is so "heathered".  As long as it looks fairly consistent and nothing shouts "MISTAKE, MISTAKE!!!!" I'm forging ahead.  I am on row 6 which is the farthest I've ever gotten!  

It is a really soft yarn (Lionbrand Homespun) but again.....I would never buy this yarn for anything it's that awful to work with but the colors (greens and peachy coral?) will go great with my daughters couch and living room colors and it will be a really soft and cuddly throw when finished.....years from now. LOL!  I'm on Row 6 of like 110, I think..... not counting the edging.  Woe is me.
So, now it's time for something for MOI.  I will once again (they were previously frogged as I wasn't very far along and needed the needles for a quick gift) be casting on a pair of socks in my beautiful Cakewalk yarn but I'll have to go find the pattern as I can't remember what I was using.  It might have been my first pair of dpn socks.....yes,  I was using the tutorial from Very Pink.  It's all coming back to me now.
Did I mention this yummy snack and/or breakfast idea?  Quick and healthy.  Ricotta cheese spread on homemade bread or a nice Italian/French style, sliced grape tomatoes, 1 tsp olive oil drizzled on each, some salt and pepper and under the broiler for about 5 minutes or so.  Delish!

 I finished these 2 books this week and I highly recommend them....excellent!  This was a memoir and true..........
Agnes Morley Cleaveland is the author.  I put my glasses on top because the cover was curling up.  Sue Monk Kid's book was historical fiction.
I don't know what kind of bird this is but he was singing his little heart out on a beautiful day here in the Ozarks.

I managed to assuage my sweet tooth also as I made Swedish Browns; a recipe from a dear blogger up North, Far Side of Fifty.    Connie, these cookies are over the moon good!  Healthy too as they have a boatload of cinnamon in them.  I had everything to make them too without having to run to the that!  Thank you for the recipe!
I think I've caught you up with this week so far.  Oh, Nitty had to go to the vet for an allergy shot even after my attempt to feed her really good natural foods and on top of that she had a yeast infection in her ears....I give up!  But other than that she's doing great....hopefully the cancer is bye bye forever.
Happy Trails!  I'll catch up with all of you this week.


  1. What a busy week--and I am so sorry for all the sickness in your grandchildren. Wow--what a week for all of them! Many,many congrats on finishing that scarf. That my dear is an accomplishment. If I were you,I would save it for next Christmas or birthday. He will be really ready for it again then. Your ricotta and tomato creation looks very yummy-I love when you show us all the little things you are doing. Good luck with the socks--I am looking forward do starting a second pair--maybe this summer?
    Have a wonderful week--

  2. I'd love to read both of those books. I'll put them on my reading list! Take care my friend and enjoy your evening! Sweet hugs!

  3. Those cookies and bread bites look yummy! I'd also love to make those bread bites for with a soup and salad, for a summer dinner!

    That bird looks pretty, I wonder what it's called.. Poor Nitty, I hope she'll be all healthy soon.
    And I'm happy to hear your grandkiddies are all better now!

    The scarf looks awesome finished and so warm, I think it would be a great birthday and Christmas gift, is his birthday sooner or later than Christmas?

    Great idea to make something for yourself now, I hope you'll find that sock pattern soon!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandchildren - I hope they are all better. It looks like you have been very busy, the bread bites look scrummy. The scarf is great well done on completing it!

  5. Poor Nitty has hit a rough patch. Good to hear you like the cookies, I still have some in the freezer! I love them because they melt in your mouth and I know whats in them! Your scarf for your son is as a winter gift unless he lives in MN where there is still lots of snow:) :)

  6. Lovely knitting, yummy snack.....and I must look for the Sue Monk Kidd book...I love her writing!
    By the have won my giveaway....congratulations!!
    Helen xox

  7. Sounds like grandkids sick in every direction - YIKES! Just reading it made my head spin. Reminds me of my brother, who on crutches from reconstructive surgery for his leg, took his youngest to emerg for acute appendicitis, and just as they were wheeling him into surgery, he got a call saying his daughter was at emerg at a different hospital for a broken arm. I sent chocolates to his eldest son, just for staying hale and healthy :)

    The scarf is gorgeous. You may find the drape improves after blocking, once the yarn relaxes a bit. I'd save it for a birthday or Christmas.


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