Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring fever and weather............

I'm trying to hurry and get this posted as we have tornado watches all across the state.....the clouds are dark and "rolling" out there and we are right in the cross hairs.  It was in the 80's today but the cold front coming in is what causes the storms.  We're very "unstable" here but then I didn't need to tell you that. LOL!

The Bradford pear is blooming.........

and the daffodils
I was "under the weather"  this week for a few days so my usual get up and go got up and went.

I did start a new book although so far it isn't "grabbing me"but hopefully it will get better.....
I'm also reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen but I think I enjoy watching it on PBS as opposed to reading about it and I did see this on PBS previously.  Again, I haven't gotten that far into it. 
I finally cast on my socks....again.  Hopefully this time all will go smoothly but no T.V. watching while knitting these!  BTW, my daughter's afghan is coming along....Row 7 of  110 but at least I can work on that while watching t.v.

 I did manage to get to Walmart before I got sick and picked up some paint and tools as I've decided to start painting the trim in this house.  I have some great pins on my DIY Home board on Pinterest and one is a gal that swears that the best improvement and the biggest difference in her home happened when she decided to paint all the wood trim in her house.  She shows before and afters (love those) and it really did make it brighter and more open looking.  I have so much wood here it looks like I live in a cave.
She said she paints her trim with a brush and then takes that little sponge roller over it to eliminate the brush strokes.  Genius!  That little foam roller kit was all of a couple bucks and includes a replacement roller and the package IS the tray!  Now someone was thinking!  She recommends specific tools she uses and another was the Spray Grip you attach to your spray paint cans and it makes it easier to use and of course you can reuse it over and over....don't throw it away with your can when it's empty! LOL!  I say that because I did might have done that once maybe...I can't really remember.
The paint is just plain white semi-gloss with a sealer in it...she recommends using a sealer first such as Zinser or Kilz.  I'll see what happens using just this combo.  I got all this at my not so local Wal-Mart.
So you can see I really haven't gotten much done this week but hopefully I'm "ramping up"!
Happy Trails and I promise I will catch up with you all....eventually.  Stay safe this Spring!


  1. You have blooms!! Well you have yourself some projects there. Have you seen the Call the Midwife series...worth a watch on Netflix and Carolina..a great little movie:)

  2. Oh the pear blossoms (I love blossoms!) and the daffodils look so pretty! What a great idea to give your house a facelift by painting the wood trim in your house, then again I also love Original wooden details in a house so.. I hope you'll post some before and after pictures too! I love projects you can work while watching tv!


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