Sunday, March 23, 2014

YOP Sunday

I don't have a lot to show for myself...same scarf although I'm thinking I will have it wrapped up next week. Grace is thinking..."aren't you done with that thing YET???  She's so good.  She never touches my yarns but I know she wants to.
 Spring is arriving slowly in the Ozarks.  I bought 4 bulbs at Wally World the other day for .98 each.  A yellow and red tulip which aren't blooming yet and a grape hyacinth and this daffodil.

 The hyacinth perfumes the whole house!  It smells so Spring!
 I went rogue and started something that was planned for next years YOP list........filet crochet.  I just got the bug and couldn't stop myself from trying it.  There was a You Tube tutorial that had this sample heart and so I did it.  Filet crochet definitely needs to be blocked but I have the gist of it now only my printer is out of ink so I can't print off any of the hundreds of patterns out there.   Plus I need a size 7 or 9 crochet hook which I don't have and some crochet thread which I do have.  Has anyone ever tried using yarn to do it?   Meanwhile I need to update my YOP list and stick to it!
I found several neat websites this called Chip It which I blogged about the other day and I got to thinking about using it for other things besides painting colors.  Tammy mentioned choosing yarn colors so I went out to Pinterest and applied Chip It to some colors of items I liked or that appealed to me in some way.
 I found it works much better if the item you want to "chip" fills the whole Pinterest posting else you get colors like black and white that sometimes aren't even in the picture.  Like above it got the background color of the carpet or whatever it was.  Take it with a grain of salt as I like to say.
 The poster did well because there was no background showing but where's the red?  And the blue sky?  I guess they only have room for 5 colors along the side so you'll have to improvise a little.
 This is also great if you want to use the colors in your wallpaper or even pictures on your wall to come up with a color scheme for a blanket or throw or a rug or on and on and on!  
 I wish Pantone had something like this.
For some reason Spring has made me want to dive into new arenas and try new techniques, new colors, new yarns and more.  I'm already making my list for YOP 1415.....and it includes.....oh, sorry....there I go "jumping the gun" again.   But just suffice it to say that until July, I might be doing some research into Fair Isle, colorwork, dyeing and Irish crochet.  Now, back to my YOP's of 2013-14.  Have a great week and I hope "Spring is popping out all over" at your place.
Happy Trails! 


  1. I think Spring makes everything seem fresh and new! Love your chip it photos! I have GOT to try this! I love it! I also remember that I want to try to crochet the edge of a kitchen towel. Have your ever done that? Sweet hugs!

  2. You are ahead if you're planning the 2014-2015 Year of Projects already. But that seems very positive and optimistic to me. Right now I'm starting to panic about what's not getting done. All in all, you seem to have the happier outlook!

  3. I'm loving the chipping, it's great to get inspiration from many other things and apply it to yarn based items. The filet crochet looks interesting, I've never tried it before so I can't offer any advice but I have been planning my 14/15 yop list while I've been sat crocheting and knitting.

  4. I used the colors of those bottle caps to crochet a granny square scarf. It turned out nice.

  5. Chip It's great isn't it, but I have 'a better way' ... she types mysteriously, because she plans to blog about it some day soon.

    Filet crochet eh! Go you :)

  6. I tried chip it after reading your post the other day - it is fun isn't it? I have been using it to highlight which yarn colours go well together. I like the look of your filet crochet, I have never heard of it and will have to go and Google it!!

  7. Hi Sam, No spring here yet but just looking at those colors swatches makes me think of spring. Gracie is a gem:)

  8. Oh sweet Grace...isn't she good? I can tell she just wants to reach out and have little play with your yarn! Your filet crochet is lovely! Have a good week. X

  9. Ooooh I've wanted to try filet crochet for a long, long time but I never got around to it yet, that heart seems fun to make! Yay for Spring coming along right? I got me some flowers too! And Grace is the sweetest, she looks so pretty and fluffy! Nala is in a very naughty fase right now, exploring 'what will happen' if she knocks this and that off the table/cabinet.. How did you get Grace so sweet? Any advise is very, very welcome! ;-)

  10. Well, where do you get your energy? I am always amazed at all the stuff you try out. Filet Crochet is beautiful--and you aren't jumping the gun on next years list-you are just doing research. ;) Your Grace kitty is beautiful and we are both lucky to have cats who leave yarn alone. I have a friend whose *dog* terrorizes her yarn and projects if she leaves them out!
    Hope Spring continues to bud out for you--it is happening here in Seattle, slowly but surely!
    Have a wonderful week--

  11. It is always the most fun to dream the next project. The filet crochet is interesting.

  12. We have bought some hyacinths and they truly have a wonderful fragrance. I had not heard about the Chip it site and will check it as we wish to repaint the den and don’t know what colors to choose.


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