Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trying to do it all...........

I've been busy as a bee lately and might I add it's about time.  I'm experimenting with all kinds of changes to diet, exercise, projects, schedule,...you name it I'm changing things up.  Some of it has been very positive.  I watched a PBS show with Dr. J. J. Virgin and her 7 foods to avoid  I stopped eating my homemade toasted bread in the morning with my yogurt and now..no dairy, no bread and just oatmeal in the morning and I seem to have more energy and not that tired feeling.  I'll keep switching things around but I am all for more energy!
I've been cleaning and organizing and found this book.  I love Mary Engelbreit and I'm always so inspired by her art and decorating.  I still have all the issues of her magazine when she had it.
I found this little bird planter when I was cleaning the garage.......it's like an archaeological dig around here!
straightening up my dining/sewing room and organizing so I can just sit down and start sewing one of these days............
I uncovered my cutting board and even found a new blade for my cutter...........
The plastic container holds patterns of things I need to do!
The other day I was over visiting Kim at Camp and Cottage Living
 and she had a picture of the cutest embroidery of one of my favorite sayings....

 It's actually a pattern you can purchase at Sarah Jane Studios and she has so much more ....I fell in love with her artwork and patterns and....well, you get the drift.  I  haven't bought it but I'd better before I regret it down the road.  This saying has been passed down from generation to generation in my family and many others families too, I'm sure.  I love the bright colors and red frame.  I think Kim was impatient and decided to paint one for herself.  She blogged about it a few days ago so go take a look and see what she did.  She's redoing her kitchen with lots of RED and don't we just love us some red with some yellow and maybe turquoise too? 
Before I start doing any embroidery though I need to order Alicia Paulson's book since it's been years since Ive done any actual embroidery.  And remember that HUGE embroidery kit I bought for Christmas?  Yes, I need that book and maybe I'll do Sarah Jane's pattern for a "warmup" before I dive into the huge village and farm scene.
Speaking of turquoise...........I've started my giraffe class with Susan B. Anderson!  I'm on lesson #3 and loving it.  I learned kfb (knit front and back in the same stitch) which is an increase which I had never done before....decreases yes, but this was the first increase, can you believe it?  I'm actually further along than the picture as I took that picture yesterday and I can't seem to stop picking it up.  I work a bit then sit down and knit 1 round...just one.  It's my "dangling carrot" reward for getting work done around the house.
Happy Trails until we meet again!


  1. How wonderful that you're getting such results, feeling energized by changing up your diet! I'm also changing things up but I have to pace myself to not change too much at the same time or I won't be able to stick with it all.. I'd love to learn embroidery one day, but I'm not sure I have the patience for it!

  2. Impatient am I? Ha, I'd say you know me well it seems!
    I just wish that I could get half as much done as you do.
    You seem to have the ability to work many projects at once, I envy that!
    I sure you'll go right to town with your embroidery projects too.

  3. http://www.food.com/recipe/fried-oatmeal-179706
    Here is a link to the Fried Oatmeal recipe. If you like it you could make a big batch:)

  4. The foods I need to eliminate for weight control and to feel my best are bread, bread, bread, and bread.

    I LOVE bread, but it loves me and hangs around on my tummy and drags me down.


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