Friday, January 31, 2014

Clouds on the horizon..........

I should have taken it as a sign when I saw these clouds rolling in yesterday morning...........
The vet called and said the biopsy showed that Nitty's breast tissue was cancerous but it had not metastasized and they were very sure they got it all.  But how do they really know?   What now?  I was supposed to take her back to have her stitches out today but they were leaving to go to a seminar in Hot Springs so it will be Monday instead.  I'll discuss it with her then but Nitty seems healthy and happy and strong and living in the girls continually teach me how to live.  So, we all had a "treat" and celebrated the fact that we are all here together, now and happy and healthy and warm and safe and full.....much more than many in this world have.  We are grateful.
Happy Trails!


  1. Very good news!
    I hope she has a fast recovery for you.

  2. Poor sweet Nitty, so glad they got it all and if she seems well and pain free and happy try not to worry but celebrate instead. That Buddist philosophy of living right in the moment has got me through all sorts of turmoil in my life. Take care, big hugs

  3. I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend! I think this is good news! Sweet hugs!

  4. Well we will just think positive! Sorry it was cancer..damn stuff:(


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