Sunday, May 19, 2013

YOP Update

Here we are again........and I have new stuff going on....I love starting projects.....finishing is the hard part! LOL!
Here is my chairpad #1 and it calls for 9 yards of I-cord so I broke it down to 27 feet so I could feel like I was getting somewhere and it helped....I now have 9 feet done and that is 1/3 of one chair pad!  Yippee!  Like I said's a great project for doing while watching t.v. or otherwise what I call "distracted knitting".  I'm thinking since I didn't go with the "rainbow" chair pad that I might make each one a different color because I'm pretty sure I will get REAL tired of knitting red I-cord for 4-6 chair pads!

 Okay, this isn't on my YOP list for this year but I am knitting some wash clothes for a cousin of mine and I was planning on having them on the next YOP list so what the heck.......I love this variegated "dishie" cotton yarn from Knitpicks.....I'm using Grandmother's Favorite Dish Cloth pattern which is free on Ravelry and I'm loving it!  
 I just realized....I'm really "ramping up" for YOP 2014 simply because my remaining YOP 2013 projects are all HUGE.....I've been doing some ordering and setting in supplies......lots of wash cloth yarn and a blanket kit...WHAT??????  Am I nuts?  Another blanket?  What is wrong with me? LOL!  It's a small one though and I've had my eye on it for a long time but I will need to practice some skills before I tackle it.  What is this about "there are only 2 stitches in knitting"?   Crazy talk.....what the heck is a cf4?  I had no idea what I was getting into!  There's a "chart" involved which I have never done and "cable" stitches... and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
 Then there was that other project in the Nicki Trench book....another blanket....I think I need therapy, I have a "blankie" problem...I'm sure it stems from my Mother wanting to wash mine all the time when I was little.  The funny thing is I don't realize it until I've already started "another blanket"!
Anyway, I had to just try out this pattern....again, just "prepping"  for YOP 2014 mind you.  I discovered these are really tiny and you need 432 of them or some ungodly number.  I think I'm going to need a lot of hand-holding this next year! LOL!

I'm also making a quilt for my grandson, Uriah, who's birthday is in July...........

and I decided (quite late in the year mind you) that I want to do an ornament a month so I started my first cross stitch Christmas ornament.  I'd like to join a group for this but not sure they'll take me this late in the year.  I'm going to make all kinds of ornaments for all kinds of holidays.  I used to cross stitch a lot and I still have all the materials and supplies and books so this is a very economical hobby for me.  I am constantly inspired by Ruth of My Spare Moments who has 8 children and manages to get so much accomplished!  You go Ruth!
Oh boy, I'm tired just reading my own post!  I better go get some of that stuff worked on!  Have a great week!


  1. Well done on getting a 1/3 of the icord done, are you going to just run it round in a tight circle on the seat pad ? I'm curious as I want to do something with my chairs way down the line, it is a dining set my parents had when we were all little and after we grew up they no longer needed such a big one and I did so they passed it on, I just need to revamp it ! Totally love the idea of blankets and I'm playing around with blanket ideas for YOP 14, who am I kidding I've one planned for each of the children so we can be blankie buddies lol Cables are easy peasy, you'll love them, after lace they are my next favourite thing ! Way to go you on the ornament, ask in the groups I really can't see why it would be a problem at all, most crafters are happy with more people joining in !

  2. WOW, can't believe you're taking time to knit that much CF4, cable front 4...I made a cotton washcloth to practice by cable stitches......big mistake...cotton doesn't give so it was tight and hard and hurt my hands, writs and arms. I did a scarf with wool.....much better practice. Good luck with the blanket

  3. As part of my YOP I had to learn pattern reading and cables and all things that were really scary.. but i did it and I know you can too..once you get going and try it a few times it'll come very easy!

  4. Just reading that I feel like you need to take a deep breath and slow down :)

    Your red iCord is looking amazing. I bet the seat covers are going to be awesome. I wonder how one would look in that dishcloth yarn?!

  5. As usual your post made me smile--and wish I had all your energy! You will love cables--they keep knitting interesting and even though they are easy to do, you end up looking like a very amazing knitter!
    You and Ruth are both inspiring me to take my cross-stitch out and try to work on it--only problem is that my poor eyes don't like stitching at night after spending all day looking at a computer--but last summer I did spend a few lunch breaks in my car with a very old and dear project I would love to see finished. Maybe I will give it a go again?
    Have a great week!


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