Monday, May 20, 2013

Finished a couple books...........

I almost forgot to blog as I have been "glued" to the weather channel watching the tornadoes coming this way!  Please say a prayer for the people in Oklahoma who have been devastated!
Here's what I finished this week.....

I was amazed how this book held my interest, maybe I really am reverting back to my childhood.  The story line was good and although the main characters are the 2 young twins there are also the older twins and the parents and plenty of other adult characters with a little mystery, adventure and comedy all rolled into one.  A nice sweet story to go off to dreamland with and a nice visit back to one of my childhood favorites.

A great theme and many women could benefit from reading this and treating themselves at least as good if not better than they treat others.  But for me.....been there, done that and I learned it awhile ago..... not nearly soon enough but at least I learned it and now I AM The Queen!  If you already know you're the queen than you need not read this but if you want a road map on how to become one, this is a good one! And fun!
I was going to start reading my "classics" and I had picked out Uncle Tom's Cabin to read but in prepping to move I decided to read other books that I think I might not take with me unless of course they turn out to be SO fantastic that I will never want to part with them.  This one has been on my shelves for quite awhile and it looks like a good "summer read" maybe?  I've never read Ms. Siddons but I've heard good things about her although I don't always appreciate what the majority likes.  (Oh, I'm such a rebel!)  But it is highly acclaimed by all the top book reviewers etc. so we'll see.  "12 year old Emily Parmenter survived her mother's abandonment and her beloved older brother's death and now finds purpose in training her father's magnificent spaniels...and refuge in the magic of Sweetwater Creek.

For non-fiction I'm reading a new book that I've had my eye on for awhile and it has to do with maybe selling some "wares" on my blog.....but I need to learn a few things first so I'm reading this book.  It was highly rated on Amazon.  I'm curious if anyone else has read either of these new books I've picked...if so let me know what you thought.
Have a safe week and once again, my prayers go out to all the people affected by the tornadoes.


  1. I remember the Bobsey Twins! I was just thinking the other day that I should track down one of those books to read with my five year old. Thanks for confirming that they still hold up!
    Have a great week!

  2. I haven't thought of the Bobbsey Twins in many years. I did like those books, and Freddie the Detective Pig, etc.

  3. Sweet and interesting reads. I'm a rebel with popular books also in so far as I'll see the rave reviews and think I bet its not that good really and a lot are jumping on the band wagon lol, its why I rate books quite hard lol. I hope you enjoy your books and your one for online selling looks very interesting, can't wait to hear more on that !

  4. I almost bought a Bobsey Twin book while on a getaway with Hubby once. With all my garden work, I am barely getting any reading time at all. A book sounds good right about now.

  5. Well, I've gone right back to your posts of mid-May. Cute chicken! You sure are keeping busy over there. I just am not able to find enough hours in the day for everything of late. Sure will be glad when the school year is over and I can take some time to be Queen! Ha! Best wishes, Tammy

  6. I'm keeping those in the path of these terrible storms in my prayers, too. I've never seen that Bobbsey Twins book but I would love to read it, too. Looks like you've made some good choices! I love to read!


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