Friday, May 24, 2013

FO Friday......... almost feels like cheating as I just showed you this Wednesday as a work in progress but I did finish it and I rarely have FO's so as little as it is I'm celebrating! LOL!

 This was my first knitted wash cloth and I was really happy with the pattern, the yarn and how it turned out.  I'll be making more of these in Knitpick's Dishie yarn and also in this Grandmother's Favorite Wash Cloth pattern.  I did cast on another cloth; this one is the famous Ball Band pattern in 2 colors.  It's a little more detailed in the pattern so not sure I can watch t.v. with it......yet! LOL!  I'm using circular steel needles and I think I'm going to order some wooden "sticks" instead.  I like wood the best and sticks the best too!
Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend.

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  1. I have missed so many of your posts. My reader stopped downloading them for some reason so I hunted around until I found you again. Hopefully, the problem is fixed and I won't miss anymore. I have really really missed reading what you are up and it seems you have been a very busy bee. Love the dishcloth. Oh, and the bobble problem? I had the same thing happen to me. I fudged them making more or fewer stitches between them as needed. It was very annoying but I finally decided it wasn't going to drive me crazy. I was making it for my newest grandchild so my daughter agreed with the fudging. If I make another one, I will have to try to see what's happening. So great to catch up with you again.



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