Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's in your wallet? I mean closet...........

Today I finished the center of my knitted bath mat...................
 Loaded up the "clean" closet in the guest room with a container of pictures, rugs, lampshades, ironing in the basket and a container of videos. 
On the other side the shelf has my canning equipment and some canning jars and more rugs......
This may not be their permanent residence but for now it's a good place for them.  I now have 3 boxes in the car for the Thrift Store and a garbage bag full that went out today.   What a great feeling!  I think I get a gold medal for that don't I?
On the floor of the closet are 2 bed frames, that I can't hook up by myself but are going with me when I  move and 2 mirrors that I may still hang but probably will not go with me.
I also made another Olympic dessert.........English Melting Biscuits with U.S.A. colors on them! LOL!  You're supposed to roll them in oats but I did the red, white and blue stars instead......
until I ran out of them...........then I used oats
I might have gotten them a little brown but I taste tested them and they were DELISH!!!!
I know why they call them melting biscuits now.....they melt in your mouth they're so good! 
I'll post the recipe tomorrow....the Olympics are on now!   Gotta run...okay, gotta go sit in my easy chair! LOL!  Go team U.S.A.!  Best of luck to all Olympians....even the armchair ones.  Hope you had a great Thursday!


  1. Take your place on the top step, my friend. You deserve gold for all the work. I'm proud of you. It's more than I've done in a good long while.

    Those biscuits look delicious. I will be eagerly awaiting the recipe.

    Have a great day!


  2. Good for you getting some organizing and purging done. I haven't done as much of that as I had planned for the summer. What happened with guests coming? I was glad to see that Phelps got more gold since some were skeptical. When Ryan Lochte is interviewed, he's a bit cocky which I don't really like. Phelps just always says his swimming will speak for itself. I dreamed all night last night and guess who I dreamed about ... yep, Michael Phelps. Who then turned in to Justin Timberlake at the end. The tv station I watch keeps playing this one commercial over and over for a movie with Justin Timberlake in it. Guess my brain was overloaded with Phelps and Justin yesterday. Ha! Best wishes to you. Tammy

  3. Those look delicious. You are always baking up something good.

  4. You do deserve that gold medal! I have been putzing around in my master bedroom closet--kind of rearranging, but I think tomorrow might be a purge day. I did get rid of a lot old Bath and Body Works scents I don't care for anymore--half a grocery bag full. I did also recently purchase boxes to organize a closet in our dining room that holds candles and school supplies and all kinds of junk. It is so messy I am afraid for my life when I open it.
    I will be looking forward to your recipe tomorrow. Anytime melting and biscuits are mentioned in the same recipe, I will line up for some!

  5. Thank you so much for visiting me...i adore your sweet blog and you have my attention with those darling cookies. I am such a baker...just got a new cook book in the to drool at the yummy photos and see what I should make first. xoxo Have a great day.

  6. I love your knitted bath mat. Anything hand made is so much nicer in our homes. The cookies look amazing! Wish I had one about now! lol


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