Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My flowers are perkier than I am today..............

The mandevilla is looking good I must say even in all this heat!  I'll have to remember that for next year!  Finally a flower that seems to thrive in it!  I was tired today and stayed in catching up on laundry and household chores.  I was beat after yesterday's marathon in the heat!  Here's my door from the outside.  I still haven't scraped the window though.

I like it....a lot!  It sure perks up the orange brick with the dark brown trim!  What do you think?  Honest.....
The crockpot and the detergent worked like a charm on the old hardware!  Finally an easy way to do something with stuff I had on hand. 
This is before.........

This is after........
Pretty cool huh?  And there was very little scrubbing involved.  It even took the paint off....amazing!  I used Dawn and water and my crockpot on high for a couple hours till it was boiling.  Awesome! 
I also got my applique all pinned in place for stitching on my next block.  Those little white headed pins are special applique pins.  They're tiny and short and are great for pinning everything in place.   Some people use needle felting machines or spray on adhesive or glue sticks.  I prefer this method.
While I was out in the garage yesterday I noticed this chair I got for free.  It is totally "rusty" but no holes or anything and the chair is fine otherwise.   Is it too far gone?  Can I sand and prime and actually rejuvenate it?  Does anyone know before I spend a lot of time and supplies on it?  Or should I just stick it in the yard as is with a plant on it?  I love these kind of chairs and I have a better one in the basement that is not rusted at all.  It would be nice to have a pair of them in that green to match my door?  I'm thinkin'!   Let me know what you think, please.

You guys are so motivating to me.....I have to get something done every day or I have nothing to blog about! LOL!  Tomorrow it's back out to the garage and my little sanding buddy.  Oh!  And scrape that front window and make bread and feed my hummers and order coffee, flour and a few more Agatha Raisin books if the budget will allow!  I hope you stayed safe and cool where ever you are today.  My prayers go out to the people involved in the fires and the flooding. 


  1. I love those old chairs- takes me back to my childhood and sitting on my grandparent's front porch. Theirs were bright green. If I could find a set now, I would buy them in a heartbeat!

  2. That chair is really rusty..I am not sure you can save it..I would put it outside someplace..for lawn art! :)

  3. You inspire me!!

    Love the way that the front door turned out!!
    What curb appeal!!

    I really think that you can use some steel wool to clean up the chair, and paint it with a couple of coats of rustoleum.
    That should do the trick, and you will enjoy it for many years to come.
    We had a chair that was in much sadder condition than yours, and we fixed it right up.

    My heart too goes out to everyone in the country dealing with natural disasters.
    Sheesh... what a year!


  4. I LOVE the way your door turned out, and I think the green chair would be an added bonus! I hope you give it a try. Stay cool.

  5. The door looks great!!!! Sand that chair down and try it out. Maybe you should try putting some weight on it first and see how it handles it. I agree with Kerin though, I think it will be fine. Can't wait to see it!

  6. I would say that if that chair isn't rusted out, then go for it. Clean it up then spray paint with the rustoleum like Kerin said. Shouldn't take too much time and you have a fabulous "new" chair for little money. Your door looks good! A nice fresh look. Love that mandevilla. My ex-father-in-law always had those in his yard in Louisiana. Bougainvillea is the only thing here that continues to bloom and grow even in the heat. Best wishes, Tammy

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