Friday, June 29, 2012

Headline news................"Northern girl wilts in the South!"

Actually, it wasn't that much cooler in the North....I think we may be having a world wide heat wave!!!  But I got out early and watered and spray painted the planters............3 coats....that seems to be the magic number of coats of paint for me.  Everything I paint takes 3 coats!  I really wanted green as I am definitely on a green kick outside right now but I already had the orange so there you go.
I finished sanding the bench and the lid pieces...........
Now I need to figure out what I want to paint it.  I was thinking yellow underneath and then red and then sand so some of the yellow shows thru and then rub some stain over the whole thing.  I had gotten the material to make my own Annie Sloan type chalk paint but someone warned me that it would turn out pink if I used the red and I'm really not into the white or pastels.  I like saturated colors.  Adventures in painting on the horizon!
I managed to do a little cleaning and organizing last night after supper..........
This table is a little rickety.  That's what you get when you only pay $12.00! LOL!  It needs cross braces on the legs and if I'm going to do that then I might as well add a shelf underneath too and of course it also needs a paint job.  Dresser scarves and table runners hide a multitude of sins for the time being.

This dresser sits next to my green front door and is a place where I put the outgoing mail or library books that are finished and ready to go back or anything that has an errand attached to it.  I have my granite ware pan holding my sunglasses and keys at the ready and inside the green pot is a plastic container filled with dog treats for the "girls".  They get one when they come in from outside.  The dresser I bought years ago at a place called Sister's in Iowa.  It was an old farmhouse out in the country  chock full of furniture they had redone and also new things too like candles and decorative items.  I got some good buys when they first opened but the more popular they got the higher the prices went so I stopped going.  It's not any fun if it's not a bargain!  I think I paid $50 or 60 for the dresser.
 There's me in my pink and green hydrangea pj's! Ha! Ha!  The mirror I found in a restaurant that sold a few antiques and it cost me $25.00 but I love it!  That sucker is heavy too, let me tell you! 
 Below are some new candles I ordered and they're called Aunt Sadies candles.  They come in the neatest fragrances and the same fragrance can be bought with different decoration on the outside so you can sort of mix and match.  I got them off the internet  Aunt Sadies has a store locator.  I can't remember where I got mine.  They are made in Vermont and smell delicious!  They even have an iced tea and a beer one! LOL!
They had me with the fresh cut grass.  The green chenile is going in my bathroom, the Yankee Doodle is red apple and will go on the kitchen table for my 4th of July vignette, the grass one will go in my bedroom and the lake one probably on the mantle.  These are my summer candles along with the McCall's candles I bought.  The next order will be for Fall flavors later on.
 Well, I've had my bath, my jammies are on and I am going to go nestle in my bed and watch either Monk or Little House on the Prairie if I don't fall asleep first.  That heat really takes a lot out of you!  Tomorrow I'm staying in again except for watering early on.  Take care everyone and I hope you had a great Friday!


  1. Glad you are surviving the heat. It was near 90 here yesterday. No storms for us except one during the night Thursday night. Looks very stormy now so I am keeping an eye on the sky! Love your paint projects. And the candles!

  2. It got up to 105°F here, so I know what you mean about heat. I've tried to do some organizing too.

  3. Hi sweetie...
    Golly, you've been so busy!
    I feel like a slug compaired to you~~LOL!
    Yes.. the heat sure zaps us, doesn't it.
    It's early here, and we're on our way outside to finish the barn roof, before the temperatures get blistering hot.

    I love that dresser... so darling.
    I need to check out those candles too.
    I did just buy a bunch of candles when B&BW had their sale.

    Take care... stay cool... don't melt away~~LOL!!

    your friend,

  4. It definitely isn't any cooler in the north!!! Stay hydrated! I like the planters and that dresser, well I LOVE it too!!!

  5. It's pretty cold here today so I'll send you cool thoughts from my neck of the woods...

    I love all of the furniture in this post and the Orange pots look great in the first picture...

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  6. Oh I love anything red or yellow and the two together are awesome! You go girl..I can't wait to see the finished photos! Stay is warm and humid here..:(


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