Thursday, June 28, 2012

The dog days of Summer....literally!

Yep, even the girls didn't want to be out in that heat today!  107 when I looked but the weatherman said 109!  I can't blame my girls....if I was wearing a black fur coat in this heat I'd pass out for sure!  We're so blessed to have central air conditioning but I can just imagine what the electric bill will be but I will be glad to pay for this respite in the middle of a heat wave.
 I had some calls today and a visitor so I didn't get much done at all.  I was going to sand my bench but by the time I got off the phone it had gone from 79 to 98 and was still going up so I bailed and stayed inside.  I fixed syrup for my humming birds and made some of my homemade laundry detergent.

 I finally scraped the paint off of the front door window and washed it and the storm door glass......

See my dead lawn in the reflection! LOL!  The only thing that has any color is my red rubber mulch!  It stands out like a sore thumb!
I could use a new storm door but I have to pay money for the door and to have it installed and I think there are other things that need my attention and money worse right now.  It works fine but it's black on a house with brown trim and the black is faded and worn in places.   Hmmmm....another paint project me thinks!  But not right now...I have bigger fish to fry.
I also worked a little on my applique.  See the missing pins in the right upper corner?  That's been stitched now.   I do a blanket stitch throughout and then some embroidery stitches for vines and such after all the wool is stitched down.

I made a nice supper of chicken garlic and herb sausages, a baked potato and some creamed corn which has probably been genetically modified but I'm not reproducing anymore (thank God!) so whatever it does will not get passed on at least. I do have a weird growth on my nose though....seriously! LOL!  I probably need to see a dermatologist.  But like Scarlett O'hara said in Gone With The Wind...."I'll worry about that tomorrow"....or not.
I hope you stayed fire free, flood free and cool and safe where ever you may be and I hope you had some joy today!  It's out there!  Go get yourself some!


  1. Great post!

    Land sakes alive.... you've had some blistering heat!!
    I'd hole up too.

    I'm amazed that you were able to get the windows cleaned, and that your cleaner didn't just evaporate~~LOL!

    Have a great evening... hope it will cool down for you.

    I too am hoping and praying for everyone that has been affected by weather related catastrophes.


  2. You still got things done. I have decided that when people show up or things happen when I have something planned -- that is someone's way of telling me I wasn't meant to "do THAT" today! I do like that door!!!

  3. Sam
    I don't know how you can take that kind of heat!! Oh, my.
    It looks like you found plenty to keep you busy inside though.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. You certainly managed to get a lot done despite being sidetracked. I got dressed to go out for lunch today and then hubby decided it was way too hot to venture out so I had leftover soup while he ordered chicken and hummus for him and Zack. I'll be eating hummus and salad for dinner. And crocheting the day away. Have a good one. Tammy (Thanks for all your recent comments) :)

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