Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top o' The Morning to Ya...and Happy St. Patty's Day too!'s the big day in many places but not here.  We have no parade but I've been eating corned beef and  cabbage all week with turnips and rutabagas, potatoes and carrots thrown in too.    That dinner is probably my favorite along with colcanon (sp?) which is basically mashed potatoes with cooked cabbage mixed in and lots of butter and salt.....yum!

I finished another Janet Evanovich "Stephanie Plum" mystery.  I guess I'm hooked as I stopped by the library and got the 3rd book in the series!  LOL!  It's not my usual fare in litereature but I think it's good to step out of your comfort zone sometimes and do something different even if it's only in your choice of books.  Plus, there's so much going on around here in the Springtime with planting and maintenance etc. that  I have lots on my mind and I don't need any heavy reading material weighing me down even more! LOL!

I told you yesterday I got MORE books (like I need any more...I t hink I'm running neck and neck with the public library) at the rummage sale and here they are.  The one in the top left corner is a video tour of Ireland which I think I will watch tonight with a cup of Irish tea and some crocheting.  The middle book is the diaries of Anne Morrow Lindberg from 1929 -1932; evidently there must be more.  This one is titled Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead.

 The one on the far right top is a book about Peace Pilgrim, a woman I've heard about that walked across the U.S. for peace years ago.  I'm not sure but she might have been the first to walk for a cause.  I hit the jackpot on books I think and just .50 each!

Remember Geraldine Ferraro?  She was the first woman to ever be considered for president of the U.S.  I think she died of cancer but not sure. Her husband had some shady dealings she knew nothing about and messed it up for her but I really admired her. "The Book" (that's the name of it) on the left is a 1977 Neiman Marcus catalog for .10 cents that had that beautiful painting on the front that I will probably use for collage making and decoupage and I'm not sure if there is more inside the catalog.  The other book was also 10 cents and it is The Vermont Beekeepers Cookbook and has all kinds of recipes using honey which I love and is more natural than processed sugar of course.
Here's a few other little treasures I got for 10 cents each.....they'll all get washed today along with those bark cloth pillows I showed you yesterday.  
Again, have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day and know that these "Irish eyes are smilin" at you!


  1. Hi Sam, thanks for stopping by my place and commenting! It is a pretty day here and we are enjoying it and the bball tournament. I see your into Evanovich, I love her books and Grandma Mazur has brought tears to my eyes on several occasions! Did you know they've made one of the books into a movie due out this summer?! Hope you're having a great St. Pat's Day! BTW- I'm a new GFC follower.

  2. Looks like quite a haul. I read Marley and Me..I didn't especially care for was just ok..maybe the movie was better. Yes Geraldine died..I admired her spunk and yes I voted for her and Walter..he is from Minnesota! :)

  3. Wow! You found a lot of stuff at great prices. I'm glad you are continuing with the Stephanie Plum series. They really are fun to read. I would say that after number 12 or so, I felt like Janet Evanovich was really reaching for story lines as they get even more unbelievable. I like light reading so it was a great series for me, along with the Blossom Street books by Debbie Macomber. Enjoy! Tammy


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