Monday, March 19, 2012

Spend most of the day outside yesterday.....

I planted a few Gerbera Daisies on the front porch.  I noticed the sign is crooked and either I need to lower it or raise the plant up as it's not very balanced either but I had to get the daisies planted.  They have them in those peat pots now and I can't keep them moist enough once I get them home so I have to plant them right away.

The pansies are doing well and lots of blooms but if it gets any hotter they won't like it!

I planted this wheelbarrow on the N.E. side of my house after I finished painting that dark brown (3 coats and it could still use another!) on the shed which had been white.  It was Fall last year and I thought Mums would look great in there and they did and a few lived as you can see but when I read the tag this Spring I realized they are supposed to get full sun which is not available in this neck of the woods.  They will be getting transplanted soon and replaced with some gorgeous flower that doesn't require sun...hmmm...I'm thinking Impatients would look nice or some Wave Petunias that would flow over the side?
Remember when I showed you the rhubarb last week peeking through the soil?  Well, look at that baby now!  Growth Spurt!!!

I also planted some mint in a pot in the house.  Mint is very invasive so you never want to plant directly in the ground or you'll never get rid of it.  It doesn't like full sun either just indirect light so it will do fine in the house.

BELOW ==>  Truer words were never spoken!   Have a great Monday!


  1. I love this post! Gets me in the mood for spring planting. Good thing to know about the mint! I've never planted herbs but plan to this year. I love love your wheelbarrow with the flowers! Its gonna be gor-ge-us!
    I planted a couple of hydrangeas last week and the frost got the leaves... I hope they live! I have a ton of weed'in to do and just might get out there today! :) Have a great Tuesday friend!

  2. Looks great. Our rhubarb all died off last year due to the rains we got. I will have to invest in new plants this year.

  3. Mint will only grow here when the weather is nice. If it's too hot, the sun will just dry it right up. Pansies definitely would have a short life span so I don't even bother buying them. During the storm that rolled in Saturday, most of the petals were blown off my geraniums and the dust just clings to their leaves. They are saying we could have some rain by Saturday. Never can tell around here what might happen at this time of year. Take care and have a great week. Tammy


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