Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is busting out all over...wasn't there a song like that?

The smell around here is intoxicating especially when the wind dies down and there's just a faint breeze at night or early in the morning.  All the trees are in bloom and we have LOTS of them so the aroma is heavenly!  This is not just in people's yards, around here they grow wild in the woods and I have to admit, Springtime in the Ozarks is like nothing I've ever experienced before....it is truly magical.

I'm sure it's "magical" elsewhere too but you have to understand I came from the Midwest where Springtime was my least favorite season because it was always, wet, cold, REALLY windy and muddy and dirty as far as the eye could see with ugly mounds of dirty snow....it wasn't anything like down here!  No wonder some people like Spring....I could never understand that....they must have been from the South or someplace other than the Midwest! LOL!

These are the Redbuds that bloom all through the woods and give them a purplish haze and then pretty soon the Dogwoods will bloom white and they also grow wild in the woods.  At dusk you might think you see ghosts in the woods with all the white dogwoods blooming.

Below are not flowers but just buds on a tree but they look like flowers don't they?

Remember this tree from last week that I showed you with all the white blooms on it?  Yep, that is the Bradford Pear that WAS blooming and is now done and fully leafed out.  I tell you...down here when Spring arrives you had better pay attention or you'll miss it!
So, where ever you are, go outside (if it's not storming!) and watch Spring  unfold right before your very eyes!  It is magical!


  1. Pretty! I love spring and fall both, but I do understand about the wet part.

  2. Sadly, in this desert country, not much ever changes with the seasons. It's only when folks start putting out pots of flowering plants that we know "winter" has arrived. Not much can withstand the summer heat. :/ Hope your day is a good one. Tammy


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