Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Book Reviews!

  I got to thinking that instead of showing you books I've recently gotten at the library or purchased, I should instead be showing them to you AFTER I've read them, not BEFORE!  It make no sense to take a picture and say "Here's a book I think I'll read".  So, from now on, any books I get will only be posted AFTER I've read them so I can tell you what I thought about it in case you're thinking it might be a book you'd like to read.
I've already shown you the books you are about to see but that was pre-read.  I went to the library today and got some more books but I won't show you those until I've read them and can give you my not so professional review! LOL!  So, here we go!

This book was the book about the Amish I've always wanted to read!  It tells about their life, their culture, their faith and their religious practices.  It is extremely well-written.  I can't wait to read their bestseller; Amish Grace; How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy.  My fascination with the Amish is their lack of materialism and their kindness, decency and devotion to family and community.  I would love to join but their inequality towards women is only one of the major stumbling blocks for me.  What I do admire and respect is that they "walk the talk" and religion and faith isn't just for Sunday mornings as it is in so many main stream religions.  And what a way of life they live although the rural tradition is fast disappearing in many Amish communities.  If you want to learn about the Amish without the patronizing curiosity of some of the books out there....this is the book for you. 

Since I am of Irish heritage I was attracted to this book and with St. Patty's day coming up I thought it would be a nice read and it was.  The book is fiction about a doctor in a small, poor Irish village.  It just so happens that the author IS a doctor and WAS  a doctor in Ireland but now lives in the U.S.  He probably had to leave after writing this book! LOL!  It's not bad but I found it patronizing to the Irish poor and arrogant on the side of the doctor in the story.  He's like a God to these people and he relishes it.....hmmm....did I say this was fiction?  Did I say the author had been a doctor in Ireland?  He has another book which I may just have to read to prove or disprove my theory.  Well written and endearing at times but I still found that bit of arrogance running throughout the book that I just couldn't shake.   Of course, I've never been to Ireland so this is no expert opinion but if he had switched it out to be the poor people of the Appalachians I wouldn't have liked it any better if you get my drift.

Okay...this was a total "sleeper"!  It was large print and on the "featured books" table at the library.  I had been reading some "heavier" content books so I thought this might be a nice light "comfort" book and it was but it was also a really good read!  Between the cheesy cover and the large print I was very surprised it was so good!  This was a great mystery.  It has a quilt theme running through it and  I do love me some themed mysteries!  I really learned some things too because not only is the main character a quilter but she is an antique quilt restorer and shared her knowledge throughout the book.  I looked on Amazon to see the series and how many there were as it stated the above was the first in the series.  I discovered something I wasn't expecting.  This book, along with some other "series type" books is published by Guideposts and every book in the series is by a different author!  This was very confusing until I finally figured it out.  I mentioned it to our librarian and she said she would order the rest of the series but it may take awhile.  If every book is by a different author though, how would you know you would like the rest of the books?  Hmmm....very strange!  

I want this woman to be my BFF!  I mean it!  She is fun, witty, exciting to be around and has a zest for life and all its inhabitants!  She finds joy in everything and everyone and she's an amazing writer to be able to communicate that on paper!  I read the book but did not do the exercises for the 37 days but I agree with her on all of it.  I have spent a large portion of the last few years "waking up" trying to be mindful and living intentionally but I can always learn more and be more and that's why I bought this book.  I may have to go back through it and do the exercises but for now I have to get my house sold so later, Patti, later.  I will be writing to her and visiting her website though at www.37days.com and she has more books!  I want them all!  Just to be near her words of acceptance, sincerity and so much integrity makes me want scientists to get cloning on the road!!!!  We definitely need lots more Patti Dighs on this planet!  Thank you, Patti!!!!

People kept telling me I should read the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich and I finally picked up her first book in the series "One For The Money".  It has been made into a movie which, although I love Katherine Heigle, did not endear me to it as I knew there must be sex and violence and bad language in order for it to make it to the movie scene. I could tell it wasn't Pixar or Disney material. I read the cover and back and it just wasn't my type of mystery.  Set in the city, present day, violence but I forged ahead.  In fact, there were a few violent parts I had to read during the day because if I read them at night before going to bed (the usual time I read) I would either have bad dreams or not be able to get to sleep.  Plus, it had the "rough" language of the city which I don't like in my books but by the time I got halfway through it I couldn't put it down.  I may even be brave enough to see the movie, or not.  My problem is that things stick in my head and I can't get rid of them.  I am over the top empathetic...I think there's a term for it but once something horrific enters my head through words but especially movies....I can't get rid of it and it's like a terrible dream that keeps coming back.  I probably need therapy but it would take years and I don't think I have that much time or money left! LOL!  So, needless to say I went back to the library and got the second book, "Two For The Dough".  So stay tuned for more exciting book reviews in the future and see how I brave the world of books and maybe even movies all without the aid of therapy!


  1. Looks like ya found yourself some good reads there...and one sleeper! Heeehehehe!!!

    I'm finished with my winters reads but it's not too soon to start makin' a list for next winter.

    God bless ya and have a sunshiny kinda day sweetie!!!

  2. Hey darlin' I wanted to thank you for visitin' with your sweet comment and hoppin' on my blog.

    I sure do hope ya enjoy the ride.

    I try to throw up a new post every seven to ten days. The Ponderosa is a busy place and it's all the time I can afford.

    God bless ya and in the word of that wacky old Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now, ya hear!!!"

    Have a beautiful evenin' sweetie!

  3. Sam
    I'm glad you reviewed th Quilt series. I wanted to buy them for my MIL. but hate to without reading one first.
    Thanks for the thumbs up!

  4. Thanks for the reviews, Sam. I'm always on the lookout for something new to read :)

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  6. Nice reviews. I'm still reading my pioneer novel I bought for $.50.

  7. The 37 Days book sounds like something I would appreciate. I am also trying to be mindful and live intentionally. To be grateful and find joy in simple things.

    I don't like bad language or violence in books or movies. I don't like scary images at all. To me, the Stephanie Plum series are so over the top-could never happen, that I found every book very lighthearted and funny. Easy reads that I could finish in a couple of days. And as I told you before, there were some where I was literally laughing out loud. I don't remember if my aunt said she liked the movie or not.

    Happy reading! Tammy

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