Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thanks for the memories.....

Well, yesterday was my last day at The Frugal Fox where I help out on Saturdays or whenever she might need a hand.  Sue and Andy are the owners and the kindest and most giving people you could ever want to meet.  It's been a true joy and added so much to my life to be able to share in their adventure but because of  numerous reasons they are closing the shop.  Part of the proceeds also funded the animal rescue operation in our community and I think Sue started that and it is still going strong.  They have rescued and "saved" and found "forever" homes for so many animals and continue to do so.  Bless you all!  Here are a few pictures of Sue, a dear friend, and the shop which is actually getting pretty empty now with sales and consignors picking up their things. 
This is Sue....decorator extraordinaire!
 Cute dresser huh?
I love this piece too!
This is a beautiful "gate-leg" table and there's a darling "star-studded" blue and white tray and you can see what wonderful "treasures" I had to try and resist every week!  Let me tell you it was NOT easy!

 This says it all............Gratitude for the wonderful memories, the great people and the inspiration.  Thank you Sue and Andy and thank you Frugal Fox!


  1. That's sad that they have to close....and yes it would be hard to resist all of those wonderful pieces. I see a few that I would have jumped for if I was any closer.

    Thanks so much for all the lovely comments you always leave. I am just now getting back up to blogger steam. And Whoot whoot another word verification free blogger!!! Yay!

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. So sad they had to close especially since they funded animal rescue. I like thift shops and consignment stores:)

  3. It is sad to see another thrift/consignment store close. I hope they are on to new and exciting things now. I haven't been feeling my best but wanted to let you know your suggestions were an amazing help. Thanks for taking the time to share them! I am not done but I did learn some new stuff. Hope your week is great!


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