Friday, February 24, 2012

FInished knitting my oven mitts!!!!!! Finally!

I spent the day finishing up my second oven mitt of the pair I've been knitting.  I still have to felt them in the washer so I'll post that later or tomorrow.  They're HUGE right now!

 So what will I knit next?  Well, it won't be my favorite owl yet.........isn't she a beaut!  Ashley made this one and it is my goal to make one...some day.  It is a PurlSoho pattern and free but you have to be a better knitter than I am!  That owl is SO soft too.

 Here's some more yarn at the shop....she carries Cascade yarn in various types but mostly natural fibers which is fine with me since I rarely use anything else.  YUM!!!  Look at all those luscious colors!


  1. Oh, that owl is sweet!
    I can't wait to see your mitts once they're felted.


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