Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday - January 4, 2012.

I'm having a little trouble with my blogging alignment.  They've changed it since I last blogged or I've forgotten so please be patient while I "experiment"! LOL!  Today is my 63rd birthday!  I cannot believe I have made it this far!  But here I am...still breathing!  It's been a beautiful birthday so far and I'm getting ready to sit down and knit for awhile.  I ran out to the quilt shop and got some "knitting advice" earlier and I'm ready to go again.  I also took "the girls" for a 3 mile hike in the woods as it is 60 here today and just gorgeous.  
What I'm posting is a project I did a few weeks ago and almost a challenge to myself.  I bought the book below and loved every project in it so I told my craft group that I was going to make all of it; every project in the book.  Of course there was much laughter because I am not known as a good "finisher"....."starter" yes but not too good on closure.  I told them I was turning over a new leaf!   I wanted to pick the easier projects first to build up my self confidence so I chose these fabric berries with wool stems.  I made 6 large and 6 small and they are tea dyed also.  The only thing I did not do was sew on seed beads all over them.....REALLY????  That was a bit much I thought but maybe someday when I'm bedridden and desperate for something to do I will but for now I like them as is.  In fairness, I also polled the craft group first to ensure I wasn't NOT finishing a project but thank goodness they agreed that it would take forever plus I didn't have any beads that I could use.  I can be a bit anal at times though so who  knows what might happen to those berries down the road.
Here's the berries in a too large bowl but I wanted you to be able to see them individually.  I usually have them in a smaller bowl mounded up.

Here's the Need'l Love pattern book that I made the berries from.  I love all their pattern books!  So, check in to see if I get everything in this book done by the end of the year!  Oh boy...what have I gotten myself into?  I think next are those little woolen pumpkin coasters on the I said, I'm going for the easier projects first to build my confidence muscle for finishing projects.  Oh, I have also made a "resolution" to work on an old project simultaneously so that there are multiple streams of finished items!  This is my dream!  P.S.   Sorry for the glare on the book...I need to learn how to take pictures too.


  1. Wat a great job you did on your craft work.

  2. I love your berries! And you did great!!!!

  3. Cute Cute Cute!
    Keep on stitchen' & a grinnin'

  4. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Yay! Your little berries are cute! It's funny you mention not being such a great finisher!! I am the same way, I always have a million projects I'm in the middle of, sometimes they get done, sometimes they are still "waiting" years later! Have a super day, Deanna


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