Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012.  Monday
Well, I'm already behind the 8 ball here in my blog!  I'm not sure when to blog...the night before for the next day or in the morning from  the day before or maybe right now on what I accomplished or didn't accomplish this very day?  For now what you are reading and seeing is from today at 6:40 p.m. DST.  But see what I is January're supposed to make Hoppin' John on January 1st!
I don't know about you but I just do not get the amount of things done I used to when I was younger and before they "messed" with my thyroid!  I used to have SUPER energy and now I'm more like a slug.  But back in the day I worked myself too hard and got very ill because of it so I am now forced to go at a slower pace which I actually really enjoy but then I look around my house and think I may be in BIG trouble! LOL!
Do you have a schedule like those vintage kitchen towels depict such as certain chores on Monday, Tuesday etc?  I have a bit of one...Monday is change the sheets, do laundry and iron (yes, I iron but only 10 items at a standing but I like to iron), Tuesday is my knitting class and garbage day, Wednesday is recycling, Thursday is whatever and Friday too and Saturday I help out at the local resale shop, and Sunday our Craft Group gathers at the local quilt shop from 1-4.  After reading this I realize Monday is really the only day I have planned...hmmm.   Where did cleaning, watering plants etc all go.  I better get planning and FOCUS on a few other things around here!
Here's the "lucky" blackeyed peas
TaDa!  I added mustard greens which were not called for but  it did suggest  kale but I had none of that.   I did not have to go to the store either!  It has onion, green pepper, celery seed instead of celery and chicken broth, garlic, vinegar and ham pieces.  Now that I've eaten it I can tell you it is delicious!  Credit goes to Pioneer Woman as it was her recipe.   
I would like to someday make EVERYTHING from scratch but for now I am trying to accomplish my first goal which is to use up what I have in my cupboards!  Yes, Jiffy corn muffin mix!  Next time it will be from scratch!
This is my old 8" square pan which has some holes in it so I lined it with parchment paper.  I bought a new pan but it is 9" square.  Can you still find 8" square pans?  All my recipes call for 8" square.

Here's the finished dinner but as you can tell I am no food stylist! LOL!  But it tasted great and that was all that mattered to me! 

For today I did get laundry going (as we speak), I changed the sheets on the bed, and I made Hoppin' John, rice and corn bread.  I wanted to make bread and cookies but didn't get that far...yet.  So for now here is my pictorial of the Hoppin' John whose recipe came from the Pioneer Woman blog which is amazing and a delight to peruse!  I highly recommend it!

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  1. It looks good! I also like to make from scratch, but having a family and a busy life sometimes means we use the shortcuts. I say using up what you have is wise and not wasteful. ;)
    You are cracking me up about when to post. I'm sure many of these successful bloggers have quite a routine, but I just do it when I have a moment or two...I'm not disciplined enough, nor do I have big blocks of time with which to schedule regularly. I'm unpredictable that way! Have a nice day.


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