Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Third time's charm!

This is my 3rd day posting!  They say 21 days and it's a habit!  Tuesday is my knitting lesson at the local quilt/yarn shop and I am making the oven mitts below.  The pattern can be found on www.purlsoho.com/purl/purlbee.  Anyway, I've knitted a few scarves but nothing complicated until now.  For most "established knitters" this would not be complicated but for me it is a learning process!

This is my Christmas present to myself...a complete set of Hiya Hiya  interchangeable  circular needles.  The red case has the bigger sizes and the blue case has the smaller sizes.  I BETTER learn to knit and do it well for what these cost!  But we don't live anywhere near a place that sells knitting supplies except the quilt shop does carry some yarn.  Every time you start a project you have to order new needles over the internet and wait for them to arrive so I decided to get these so I would always be ready for that "next project"!  I love knitting but I am not very good at it yet.  I have to concentrate and not watch T.V. and have the house quiet with no interruptions else I mess up and still sometimes I do!
Any of you knitters out there? 


  1. Hi Sam,
    Good for you leaning some new knitting skills. I'm not to good at it myself. Just scarfs and hats and mittens.
    I get a lot of of my embroidery from the thrift, guess people by the patterns and the don't want them. I also have a lot of tranfer books, so then I just Iron them on to a nice piece of material and embroider away.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my pillow.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Your knitting looks great ! I am not a knitter , but I would like to learn.Happy New Year !

  3. Thanks, Nancy Jo but I think mittens, hats and scarves would qualify you as a knitter! LOL! That may be all I ever do too but those oven mitts are just giant mittens!
    Myrna, I started out reading the funniest book "Divorced, Drunk, and Covered in Cat Hair"..I think that was the name of it, true story taken from a real blog and how she learned to knit while going through a divorce. She's a great writer and there were "knitting recipes" in the back so I followed her path into knitting. I'll post later when I can find that book! I may have loaned it out. Happy New Year to you too!


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