Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Progress and finishes!

I finished reading A Wilder Rose by Susan Wittig Albert and it was wonderful.  You can always tell how good a book is by how fast I finish it and this was quick!  I ignored my other BIP's (books in progress) and just went monogamous with this one....another sign that it's good.  It sheds a lot of light on Laura and Rose's relationship and the circumstances that made it 'rocky',,,pardon the pun.  The farm was called Rocky Ridge and it was literally and figuratively.  If you're a Little House on the Prairie fan you will really enjoy this book.  P.S.  Can I just give credit to the artist who created the cover for this book......I truly have a 'thing' for covers and I pick many books by their cover and have rarely been disappointed.  This cover is beautiful!

I had this book on my Kindle since last year.  I look for sales on my favorite authors and grab them when I can.    I love Sarah Addison Allen's books...every single one of them!  They're all different so you can read them out of order.  I'm already really enjoying this one.  There's always a blend of romance, mystery and some magic thrown in....a delightful combination.

Fall is here!!!!  It's in the 70's and the sassafras are changing color and I can finally go outside and enjoy it.  I didn't rehire the lawn boys.....they did great the first time but the second time not so much. So, I mowed yesterday and it felt good to be outdoors under the big beautiful blue sky.  I had all the windows open and the house smelled like fresh mowed grass when I went  inside.  Since we had all that rain and then some sunshine the grass was thick and tall.  It looked like a hay field when I got done! LOL!  So glad I did it myself if only to  have an excuse to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine AND milder temperature.
The flowers are rejuvenated.....they don't like the extreme heat either......
These are my garlic chives....growing like crazy now that the cedar sapling is gone.........looks like squash bugs like it too...........I think those are squash bugs but what do I know.........
If you like citrus you have GOT TO MAKE these cookies.....outstanding!  I bought a jar of lemon curd and then wondered what to do with it.   Then I found this recipe and BINGO!  For years Lemon Meringue pie was my favorite and then lemon bars came in 2nd and then lemon drizzle cake was 3rd.....well, this recipe  just knocked lemon bars down to 3rd and lemon drizzle to 4th.....lemon meringue pie is still #1.  These are quick and easy to make and you could make your own lemon curd if you wanted.  There are recipes out there and I might do that in the future.  Now I know what the Brits are always raving about!  YUM!  I found mine at Walmart.
Here's the recipe..........Lemon Thumbprint Cookies
Oh!  Besides the lawn being FINISHED, and the book being FINISHED, I also FINISHED my Merry Monday cross stitch!   Plus I am doing really well with my 5 minute pickup, 15 minute de-clutter and 15 minute paperwork.....I think it might be this glorious weather!
Happy Trails!!!


  1. Those cookies look and sound yummy. I love all things lemon too.

    Sarah Addison Allen books are on my to read list. Will be heading to my library ne t week to pick a couple up. Just finishe my Maggie Sefton series so looking for enjoyable books to readat bedtime.

  2. You are cruzin! The cookies look great maybe next winter I will try them:)

  3. You are so inspiring my friend. Congratulations on all of the finishes. Those cookies look amazing.


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