Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

 This is what it looked like outside this morning.  I think Santa will need to definitely have Rudolph in the lead this Christmas least over Arkansas!  It cleared off later but tonight there will be more fog as it is warm and wet here.  It was 57 today and tomorrow 65...can't even have a fire in the fireplace when it's this warm.
It was really pretty with the raindrops hanging off the trees...........I wouldn't have wanted to be out on the road though!
I spent the day making Chex Mix.....3 batches of without nuts for the allergic Grayson.....and we're talking a serious life-threatening allergy to peanuts.   The Chex Mix below was made after I made the nut free and had it all packaged up.  I wouldn't even get the nuts out of the cupboard before that!

I cross stitched in between............almost done......still late but hey......I'm old!  I'm lucky I can see to do it! LOL!  The quote is not referring to my cross stitch either.
I took some cat treats over to "Jingles"'s Christmas after all!  My girls are addicted to those Friskies Party Crunch treats......they're like addicts......all I have to do is shake the container and they come running.  So now I'm a cat treat dealer.....getting the neighbors cat hooked on them! LOL!  Wait  until she comes home and Jingles goes through withdrawals....oh, I'm so bad.
Tonight is the Little Bobbin's Christmas Eve Sock cast on!  I am ready!  I got my yarn a while ago....West Yorkshire Spinners 4 ply Signature yarn, 75% wool, 25% nylon and 35% Bluefaced Leicester.  I can't wait to use this yarn.  It is fingering weight and 437 yards so there should be plenty even with my big feet!  They don't have a color name just a number 06 -886-2249.  I will call them my Jingle socks in honor of Jingles, the Christmas cat.  I am using my 2.75 mm Karbonz DPN's which I love.
I never got the Christmas cookies done but there's tomorrow, hopefully, or the next day!  Christmas is a season after all.   Tonight is cheese, summer sausage, crackers, Chex Mix and a little of this..........
eggnog,  rum, stir, put it in the microwave and when it comes out grate some fresh nutmeg on it.  I always use spiced rum for this drink.  I think Ill get my jammies on and watch some Christmas movies and of course, follow Santa on his trip on the Norad Santa Tracker.  I have to ensure I am asleep before he gets to Arkansas!
Happy Christmas Eve!  And don't think for one minute that I am not eternally grateful for the true meaning and reason that we celebrate this holiday.  Blessings to all of you and peace on earth.
Happy Trails!

Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Collectible Ornaments!

Okay, so maybe they're only collectible by my grandchildren but I try! 
The Mary Engelbreit tags are cuter than the ornament but I'm just not as talented as she is.
I also worked on Bob Ross today and hopefully that will be finished over the holiday.
In the evening I am too tired to concentrate on anything but mindless projects of which I need more! LOL!  I did not get the Chex Mix done today or the cookies but I did do laundry and took care of the neighbor's cat whose name is Angel but I am calling her Jingles, the Christmas Cat! LOL!  I feel bad because she misses her Mom so I stayed and spent some time with her and petted her and talked to her.  My neighbor uses a diaper pail lined with a plastic grocery bag to clean out her litter box daily so I am doing that now too.  Great idea!  I used to clean it out but I would double bag a plastic grocery bag and hold it while I cleaned out the litter box (I have 2 of them).  A pail with a lid is much easier and then just take the bag out when it gets full.  Brilliant!  And it is much easier than trying to get it into a bag you are holding.  The pail keeps the bag wide open.  Why didn't I think of that?
Anyway, I did start defrosting the bird........
and the butter is softened for cookies...........
but the Chex Mix and cookies will have to wait until tomorrow as I am tired!
This was the sky this morning when I got up and sure enough it is raining's snowing in Iowa.  My son just called and he's driving through it on his way home and my daughter has strep throat!  It was her first day of vacation as a teacher and she had to go to the doctor yesterday.  She's got all the presents for the kids so that's good....teachers are good organizers!  Hopefully she will be better by Christmas Day.  It's times like this that I wish I was there to lend a hand and of course see the grands faces on Christmas when they open their presents but then there's Skype so that really helps!
I don't think there is a single person on my street that is home!  They're all gone for Christmas.  I can tell when it's garbage day and my can is the only one out there! LOL!  I hope you are enjoying this last day before Christmas Eve and Christmas.  I hope you got everything done that you wanted to and can sit back and relax! 
Happy Trails!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

I got a present from Miss Peeps!

Yes, that's a mouse and it is not a play one either....although Miss Peeps considers it one.  It is dead and I'm not sure if she killed it or Terminix.  I tried to get it away but she just wanted me to look at but not touch.  I have no idea where it is now.  I hope she took it back in the basement but where ever it is...we will find it when it begins to decompose and smell!  She was so proud of herself but the last mouse she caught I took away from her and threw it outside and I think she remembered.
 Grace looked at me after praising Miss Peeps as if to say..."remember before Miss Peeps came?  I got a mouse for you and it was a live one and I gave it to you on your bed and dropped it and it ran around and you screamed with joy!  Remember? "  And that my friends, is why my cats sleep in the basement at night!
 A bit more decorating is going on........
more lights on the tree and "a little Hope"......
 My retirement shack in the woods..........sort of, but the lights don't light up so it must be "off the grid"!
 Some repro vintage candles.............

 cards from Christmas's past.............
 candle light.......a must............this one is mulled cider....
 and some Christmas "supplies" in case I get around to sending out some cards etc.  I have such good intentions...........
 Now this really is a vintage card holder.......
Today I went and got my prescriptions filled to last through the New Year, at least, and I took the girl's (Nitty and Annie) bedding to the laundromat and washed and dried them.  My dryer is broke and I hang my clothes to dry either outside or in the basement but they need their beds so I took them to the laundromat for faster turnaround.  I also washed a load of my things and hung them in the basement.  We're supposed to get rain from now until forever from what the extended forecast says.
I also blocked the "star" ornaments and sprayed them with stiffener...they're still drying. I checked to ensure I have all the ingredients for cookies and Chex Mix for making tomorrow and I got my cookie press out with attachments.  I'll take butter out tonight to soften and that will be enough for today.
I'll get my pj's on and curl up with some crochet or knitting and watch some podcasts or Christmas movies.  What are you doing leading up to the big day?
Happy Trails!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Brrrrrrrrrr.......Winter is really here but I forged through it and went to Walmart!

It was 6 degrees F when I got up this bedroom was 63 degrees F. It is almost 40 degrees colder than normal for this time of year!  I turn the heat down to 67 at night but my bedroom is over a crawl space and is always cooler which I love for sleeping but not for all day.  I made my list this morning and went to Walmart for the last time this year, I hope.
I had to get a few extras too.....Grace and Miss Peeps got beds (which they didn't have) for Christmas.  It used to be Grace slept with me but now they're both in the basement at night and there are 2 chairs down there and I was going to make them beds but per usual....that did not get done.   Nitty and Annie each got some peanut butter treats that were not made in China from unknown or diseased animals!  I really had to look as most of that @#$% comes from China.
   These treats are in the shape of little dinosaurs!  Too cute!
I love this cheese spread.  It is made down on Pawley's Island down South somewhere in "the low country"?  I am sending some to the kids and grands with some Chex Mix and Christmas cookies and it will be in time for New Year's, hopefully. One of them is for MOI!  I think this is the only "gourmet"  item Walmart carries but it is really good!  It's got a tiny bit of heat which adds to the flavor!
This is the woman who developed it and sells it........she says "it has soul" and I believe her!  Yummo!
You might be wondering what these are.......well.they're tension rods............
and one is really long........the little one goes from 28" to 48" and the big one goes from 42" to 72"
Why you ask?  Well, when we had/have our ice storm(s) here, I thought if I could close off the family room with the fireplace I would be nice and warm so I had one tension rod for one doorway but I have a 60" doorway to the living room and another doorway into the hall.  So, I will put them up and if it happens again I will drape blankets over them and try and keep the heat in the family room.  With all the girls and I in one room and a nice fire going it should stay warm.  Also, I have candles to put under upside down clay pots to keep the pipes from freezing, hopefully.  I have a plan!
These candles and melties are just for holiday scents and coziness..........
The mulled cider is a winner and the others I am checking out.  I am comparing BH&G's melties to American Home which is by Yankee candles and their Walmart pricing which is cheaper and the product probably is too but I will test it out.  They're still more expensive than BH&G but sometimes it's worth it if the scent lasts longer.  We shall see.
Some summer sausage for Christmas Eve along with cheese and crackers and some eggnog laced with rum! 
So glad I had my cholesterol tested last month before the holidays! LOL!
I stopped buying coffee for my Keurig but I miss this coffee SO much so I am going to bring the Keurig back for the holidays and enjoy my favorite brew!
I got these cute little critters for $1.46 again.....salt and pepper shakers but they're going in my cheapskate Christmas village that is mostly from the Thrift Store with quilt batting for snow! LOL!
Some holiday movies that I have wanted to watch......The Holiday has an English or Irish...I haven't watched it so I really don't know, cottage in it that I saw the interiors for and it is my dream cottage!  I have no idea what the movie is about or if it's any good but I got Christmas with the Kranks in a 2 for 1 for $5.00 and I got the first 2 Harry Potter movies which are the ones I've read for $10.00.  It pays to be behind in things because by the time I get around to them they are lots cheaper! LOL!
So that's my Christmas entertainment this year.
I have all my ingredients from Thanksgiving dinner that I never made as I went to the neighbors so I am set for food too.  I do have to go get some wine and rum for the eggnog and canned cat food and dog treats which I don't buy at Walmart but after that and one last trip to the post office some day next week, I will be good through New Years and my birthday too!  Yay!  I do love staying home with my girls!  Let it snow! Or rain or whatever..........
I got a few cute cards in the mail too..............I still need to send mine out!
What are your plans this holiday season?
Happy Trails!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

YOP Week #25

 We are almost halfway through this YOP season!  I had better get a move on.....I can't remember the last time I looked at or updated my list or Ravelry......woe is me!  I did work several rounds on my Peace cowl and I'm on round 10 of about 84 rounds, I think.  Should I put in a life line on this thing?  I have little holes on the needle bases where I think you can thread one.  I would hate to start over even at this point! LOL!
 I was able to get the presents in the mail this week and yesterday was warm here so I took advantage of it. I am still in cleaning mode but also organizing and prepping for the New far as goals, challenges and CALs and KALs that might be starting at the beginning of the year.  If you know of any please let me know! 
Still working on giraffe legs.......but I am motivated to finish up projects which is good! 
 This one is slow going as I have been really tired at night and just lay there and watch Vlogmas podcasts.....too pooped to pop.  I must admit though yesterday I washed windows and ironed clean curtains to put up and was up and down stairs and step stool but they look nice.  Today was VERY cold and windy but sunny.  We had wind chill warnings today and it was 73 yesterday...I just can't get over that!  I need to wrap Bob Ross  up this week but tomorrow is big shopping at Walmart for Christmas and Christmas Eve and New Years too.   It's just me but I want to have plenty of goodies on hand! 
 One of my grandson's friends just got a new puppy and she wanted a blanket for the puppy so Uriah asked if I could make her one......I said I'm doing a C2C blanket and it will be baby blanket size as it is a small dog even when grown.  She loves purple and I have this old acrylic yarn that wears like iron...Red Heart, so I think it will be good for a dog blanket.
 I also whipped up some crocheted stars for the grands 2016 Christmas ornaments..I have to weave in ends, block and use Aileen's Stiffening stuff on them.  Right now they look like flowers but she swears that once blocked they will look like stars.  Then there's a ribbon and button for them and those will be done.  Next, on Tuesday probably, I will be making Chex Mix and cookies to give to kids, grands, postman and garbage guy and that's about it.  I'm taking care of my neighbors cat for 2 weeks while she's gone.  She's right next door so I'll do it while I'm out getting the mail each day.
 I put a link above to the pattern for the far, hers are looking way better!
It uses bulky yarn and is only 2 rounds.  It will take more time to block and stiffen and add the finishing touches.
I ordered one of my birthday presents today(my birthday is January 4th so I get lots this time of year for myself as for years I got gypped as everyone got away with saying that my Christmas present was for my birthday too!  What a rip off!)  Remember the hat I fell in love with?  The kits were all sold out at Woolyn in Brooklyn, NY but I found them at SWAK Knit shop online
if you're interested in one.   It uses all 21 colors in the new wool line at Blue Sky Fibers (formerly Blue Sky Alpacas) so you can see a kit would be good as you get to see all the colors for possible future idea Blue Sky!  And of course, you get the pattern.  The kit was $25.00 and with shipping it ended up at $32.00.   Sort of pricey for a hat but it is for my birthday and I love it! 

My biggest decision will be whether to add a pompom or not! LOL!  I have been totally watching Vlogmas podcasts these past couple weeks.  Inside Number 23, Homespun House and Brooklyn Knits...they have been awesome!  Brooklyn Knits took us to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, Ice Skaters at Central Park, the store windows and light shows which were awesome.....lots of fun and really gets you in the Christmas spirit!
I also found a new podcast I like.........Stitching the High Notes.....very good and I think she only has about 6 out so far but she's really good!
Well, that's all for now.  I will catch up to you YOPers later as I am so tired.....I'm going to bed early.  I think I might be fighting off a bug or 2.
Happy Trails!