Monday, December 19, 2016

Brrrrrrrrrr.......Winter is really here but I forged through it and went to Walmart!

It was 6 degrees F when I got up this bedroom was 63 degrees F. It is almost 40 degrees colder than normal for this time of year!  I turn the heat down to 67 at night but my bedroom is over a crawl space and is always cooler which I love for sleeping but not for all day.  I made my list this morning and went to Walmart for the last time this year, I hope.
I had to get a few extras too.....Grace and Miss Peeps got beds (which they didn't have) for Christmas.  It used to be Grace slept with me but now they're both in the basement at night and there are 2 chairs down there and I was going to make them beds but per usual....that did not get done.   Nitty and Annie each got some peanut butter treats that were not made in China from unknown or diseased animals!  I really had to look as most of that @#$% comes from China.
   These treats are in the shape of little dinosaurs!  Too cute!
I love this cheese spread.  It is made down on Pawley's Island down South somewhere in "the low country"?  I am sending some to the kids and grands with some Chex Mix and Christmas cookies and it will be in time for New Year's, hopefully. One of them is for MOI!  I think this is the only "gourmet"  item Walmart carries but it is really good!  It's got a tiny bit of heat which adds to the flavor!
This is the woman who developed it and sells it........she says "it has soul" and I believe her!  Yummo!
You might be wondering what these are.......well.they're tension rods............
and one is really long........the little one goes from 28" to 48" and the big one goes from 42" to 72"
Why you ask?  Well, when we had/have our ice storm(s) here, I thought if I could close off the family room with the fireplace I would be nice and warm so I had one tension rod for one doorway but I have a 60" doorway to the living room and another doorway into the hall.  So, I will put them up and if it happens again I will drape blankets over them and try and keep the heat in the family room.  With all the girls and I in one room and a nice fire going it should stay warm.  Also, I have candles to put under upside down clay pots to keep the pipes from freezing, hopefully.  I have a plan!
These candles and melties are just for holiday scents and coziness..........
The mulled cider is a winner and the others I am checking out.  I am comparing BH&G's melties to American Home which is by Yankee candles and their Walmart pricing which is cheaper and the product probably is too but I will test it out.  They're still more expensive than BH&G but sometimes it's worth it if the scent lasts longer.  We shall see.
Some summer sausage for Christmas Eve along with cheese and crackers and some eggnog laced with rum! 
So glad I had my cholesterol tested last month before the holidays! LOL!
I stopped buying coffee for my Keurig but I miss this coffee SO much so I am going to bring the Keurig back for the holidays and enjoy my favorite brew!
I got these cute little critters for $1.46 again.....salt and pepper shakers but they're going in my cheapskate Christmas village that is mostly from the Thrift Store with quilt batting for snow! LOL!
Some holiday movies that I have wanted to watch......The Holiday has an English or Irish...I haven't watched it so I really don't know, cottage in it that I saw the interiors for and it is my dream cottage!  I have no idea what the movie is about or if it's any good but I got Christmas with the Kranks in a 2 for 1 for $5.00 and I got the first 2 Harry Potter movies which are the ones I've read for $10.00.  It pays to be behind in things because by the time I get around to them they are lots cheaper! LOL!
So that's my Christmas entertainment this year.
I have all my ingredients from Thanksgiving dinner that I never made as I went to the neighbors so I am set for food too.  I do have to go get some wine and rum for the eggnog and canned cat food and dog treats which I don't buy at Walmart but after that and one last trip to the post office some day next week, I will be good through New Years and my birthday too!  Yay!  I do love staying home with my girls!  Let it snow! Or rain or whatever..........
I got a few cute cards in the mail too..............I still need to send mine out!
What are your plans this holiday season?
Happy Trails!


  1. Oh Sandra, I so enjoy reading all about your daily life. I must say, your weather reminds me why I live in Arizona. Brrrrrrr......your critters will be so hapoy with the beds and treats you bought them. Isn't it fun to spoil the fur babies. Have a blessed Christmas dear.

    1. It's okay, yesterday was 45 and today is 52 and Christmas Day will be 65 but rainy. I would rather have cold than heat as I can always put more clothes on but I can only take so many off before getting arrested! LOL! I must admit I would prefer the dry heat as to the humidity here in the summer. It makes a difference. I do notice as I age it seems I can't stand extremes of anything! LOL! You have a blessed Christmas also!

  2. Nice beds!! Chance has one two, and sometimes he even uses it! We still make our own treats for him too...spoiled he is! Sounds like you are all set. Wally world was hell today, every one and their Uncle was in that store. Luckily the grocery store was much calmer:)

    1. Yes, Wally was crowded even for here which still isn't too bad and people are very polite here. I think it is the Southern Baptist upbringing but they are always so nice and the youngsters are very respectful too. I think maybe, besides cheaper taxes, that is why people like to retire here as they are very respectful of us old folk! LOL! My problem is with the other "retired people"...they're the kranky ones, always complaining.....I tell them if they're not happy now they never will be! LOL!

  3. I always enjoy your posts. I feel like we're sitting and chatting about your day. Great purchases. I've wondered about those melties. You'll have to let us know if the scents last. I'm almost out of my Scentsy and would rather not pay that much if I can get them cheaper at Walmart. We have the movie "The Holiday" and really like it. The cottage is set in England and I love it too. It sounds as though you're all set for the holidays. Enjoy my friend!

    1. Thanks for the movie rating. I'm sometimes afraid to watch unless someone has recommended. I found out the cottage wasn't real though. It was just "cardboard" or a cheap setup for the movie. But the interiors I saw were gorgeous and the outside too. What a great Christmas house! I've had Scentsy's before and I thought they were a little overrated and expensive although I had to order from Amazon but I only did it once as the Walmart ones were just as good, I thought. Are you going to see Piper this Christmas? I hope so! Blessings to you too and I pray your health improves each day!

  4. What fun stuff you found at Walmart. We have one nearby but I haven't ventured to it yet. I went to one a long time ago when Cupcake was a baby. It was fun to look around.

  5. Trust me.....if there was anywhere Target, I would be there! But down here that is all we have. It's 2 hours to the nearest Target which is where I always shopped up North. But I manage and I would probably spend more if I had all those cool stores here! LOL! I do appreciate the fact that they are carrying more and more organics.


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