Thursday, December 22, 2016

I got a present from Miss Peeps!

Yes, that's a mouse and it is not a play one either....although Miss Peeps considers it one.  It is dead and I'm not sure if she killed it or Terminix.  I tried to get it away but she just wanted me to look at but not touch.  I have no idea where it is now.  I hope she took it back in the basement but where ever it is...we will find it when it begins to decompose and smell!  She was so proud of herself but the last mouse she caught I took away from her and threw it outside and I think she remembered.
 Grace looked at me after praising Miss Peeps as if to say..."remember before Miss Peeps came?  I got a mouse for you and it was a live one and I gave it to you on your bed and dropped it and it ran around and you screamed with joy!  Remember? "  And that my friends, is why my cats sleep in the basement at night!
 A bit more decorating is going on........
more lights on the tree and "a little Hope"......
 My retirement shack in the woods..........sort of, but the lights don't light up so it must be "off the grid"!
 Some repro vintage candles.............

 cards from Christmas's past.............
 candle light.......a must............this one is mulled cider....
 and some Christmas "supplies" in case I get around to sending out some cards etc.  I have such good intentions...........
 Now this really is a vintage card holder.......
Today I went and got my prescriptions filled to last through the New Year, at least, and I took the girl's (Nitty and Annie) bedding to the laundromat and washed and dried them.  My dryer is broke and I hang my clothes to dry either outside or in the basement but they need their beds so I took them to the laundromat for faster turnaround.  I also washed a load of my things and hung them in the basement.  We're supposed to get rain from now until forever from what the extended forecast says.
I also blocked the "star" ornaments and sprayed them with stiffener...they're still drying. I checked to ensure I have all the ingredients for cookies and Chex Mix for making tomorrow and I got my cookie press out with attachments.  I'll take butter out tonight to soften and that will be enough for today.
I'll get my pj's on and curl up with some crochet or knitting and watch some podcasts or Christmas movies.  What are you doing leading up to the big day?
Happy Trails!


  1. Just got done cleaning out the fridge, now I may bake some pumpkin bread. The packages are wrapped, have two left to deliver. We are supposed to get a ice storm/blizzard Sunday afternoon.
    Yeah for Miss Peeps what a huntress she is! :)

    1. Thanks for the reminder....I need to clean my fridge too before I start with all the fixings and turkey for Christmas Day. I'm having a turkey breast roast. I've not had one before but it seemed like just the right size for me.
      Lucky you with your Christmas storm! Stay safe and cozy and I'll pray the power doesn't go out! It's all fun and games until that happens!

  2. Quite a "gift" you got there! Goodness you are. A busy lady. I baked some cookies today. The first and only cookies this season. Snow starts tonight and is predicted to go through Christmas so we'll be hunkering down at home except for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning services.

    1. Everyone's getting snow except me....the one who wishes for it 24/7...of course, moving South did not help! LOL! Stay warm and dry and safe!

  3. Love your Christmas decorations and love those cats! They are so funny about their prizes.

    1. Merry Christmas, Leigh! I went over and caught up with you. What a busy but fruitful year you've had and your homestead is getting prettier every year and more productive too. So sorry about your bees and the drought though. Have a great Christmas and put your feet up for a change! LOL!

  4. Oh Miss Peeps......she was so proud of her gift to you. I imagine the one from Grace was not as appreciated lol. Today we will have Christmas with the family as everyone leaves tomorrow. We are making jerky for one grouos road trip as well as banana bread. There will be ham, rolls, mashed potatoes. Green bean casserole as well as cherry pie and pumpkin pie. Serving dinner for 12 is not a small feat. Making memories is priceless though.

  5. How funny! We've had cats so we can appreciate the 'gifts'! lol Love your little log cabin and those beautiful candles. It's fun to have pretty magazines and books to read this week too. I'm reading a holiday mystery...The Twelve Clues of Christmas. It's a fun book to would like it! Hugs!

  6. LOL! Your her Queen and that's her paying tribute to you. Our neighbor next door has three outdoor cats and boy are they feral when it comes to the wildlife outside. They loved Jellybean who used to pet them all the time before we found out she was allergic to cats. They've left dead birds, mice, and a rat around our front yard w/entrails. But they come back later one and take it away. I'm thinkin' they eat it afterwards?


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