Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Miscellaneous with a great finish!

It was a gorgeous day to hang outside and I did 2 loads of laundry as there is supposed to be rain coming tonight and tomorrow.  I wanted to show you my clothesline that my son Jim built for me.....LOVE!!!  It's right outside my laundry room and no 'tick' trees near it.....nary a tick on my clean clothes!

I've been working hard around the old homestead.......trying to get the porch back in working order although there is still a leak problem.....I should have just torn the whole porch off the side of the house as it has cost me an arm and a leg over the years!  But I am making the best of it.....I washed the west windows and put up some curtains and moved the bookcase back.  I plan on putting my cookbooks on it.  I brought in a few herbs too.
 Yesterday I shampooed the carpet but it is old and it had drywall 'droppings' which I had to scrape first with a knife and then after much shampooing they came out.  I was so happy but when I woke up this morning and went in there it smelled like cat urine!  OMG!  I sprayed some neutralizing spray on it but it didn't help so I put a fan on it and finally it stopped smelling as it dried but my cats have never peed out there so it must have been old?  I'd love to rip up the carpeting and replace the plywood underneath but I can't afford it right now so this will be as good as it gets....for now.  But after all that work and thinking you are cleaning and really you're not.  I did find a spray for neutralizing extreme cat urine smell and you can add it to your rug shampooer.  You can get a 32 oz bottle for $11.00 on Amazon here 
and you use 4 oz in your machine.  
I think I will order some...........have any of you had this problem or used this product or one similar?
I still have the brick to clean and some quarter round to put up.
  There's also painting but I'm not going there right now.
On a lighter and better smelling grandson Sam sells Yankee Candles every school year and you can order online and he and his school still get the credit which is really nice.  Last year I ordered this pumpkin warmer...... so cute and I have it in my bedroom with pumpkin spice 'melties' in it.
This year I bought this one.....and it's by my front door with Autumn Splendor 'melties'......
When I went to the Dollar store to get dog treats they had these Glade solids on sale for $1.00 each so I loaded up!  Some will be going on the porch for sure! There's a rich pumpkin dream, sparkling spruce and apple cinnamon.  I may have to go back and get more! LOL!
Yesterday when I was a Wally World I spotted these 2 cotton yarns by Peaches and Cream in Halloween colors so I grabbed one of each.
On my Year of Projects post this past week, if you noticed, I did not post anything about my Cozy Memory Blanket....because I had not done my goal of 3 squares per week!  So, since this picture was taken I have finished last week's 3 squares but now need to work on this weeks. 
These are the 3 I did this week...........the top 3 in the picture.
And now for the great finish.........I saw this kit a while back in an Etsy shop but she had sold out.  I asked her if she would notify me if she ever made more kits and she did!  And I bought one!  I always get myself something for Halloween and I thought I would get myself some Halloween colored sock yarn but this is even better!  I ordered the kit this morning!  Isn't he darling?  There is color work involved which I said I wanted to learn this year so I guess I will be learning color work this year! LOL!  But what a motivator The Intrepid Fox is!  I can't wait!  I'm so excited!  Happy Halloween to me!  Elia still has some kits on her site if you're interested and she has an owl too which I will do after Mr. Fox.  I thought it was quite reasonably priced too considering it is coming from the U.K.  including shipping it was $36.00 which includes the pattern and all the hand dyed yarn and buttons to make it.  Here's the link to her Etsy shop
What a talent she is! 

So, that's enough excitement for one day! LOL!  This has been a great week so far!  I hope you're having a great one too!  Happy Trails!


  1. Hi! I've never commented, but often read your posts. I'm Betsy's daughter (from The Simple Life of a Queen). I wanted to pass along info on removing the cat urine smell. Nature's Miracle formula for cat urine works AMAZINGLY well! You can get it at any pet supply store. Good luck! That's an awful stench!

    1. Hi Mandy! I love your Mom....and thank you for the great tip! It always makes you feel better when someone in 'real life' has used a product successfully! Thank you!
      P.S. is up there in the Top Ten of awful smells! LOL!

  2. Oh no on the cat urine smell...hope you stuff works.
    Love your clothesline!!! Looks like you have a project with the brick. :)

    1. I always have projects....I just want a little shack in the woods. I can see why people go to condos! LOL!

  3. Wow you've been busy! I was going to tell you about the Natures miracle spray but is see Amanda beat me to it! Good for her! I sure hope that smell goes away for good. Your blanket is beautiful and growing nicely. I've decided that I know mine will take a long, long time and I'm just going to enjoy the process. Mr. fox is really cute too. I'm looking forward to watching him come to life as you make him.

    1. That was so sweet of your daughter and you too! I will definitely get Nature's Miracle as it is also on Amazon. Without Amazon here in the 'boonies'....I'd be lost! LOL! Although I am going to Mountain Home tomorrow and they have a Pet Smart or a Petco? Not sure which but I may be able to get it there.
      I have hard time NOT working on that blanket so in reality I am limiting myself to 3 squares a week. Last week I was sock knitting and I'm trying to finish a few of my projects before I go gangbusters into Christmas crafting and handwork. Santa's workshop takes priority this time of year! LOL!
      As for Mr. Fox, there's color work involved so I think I will do a hat or something simple in color work before I tackle him. I want to do a good job on him so You Tube here I come!
      Thank you again to both you and your daughter!

  4. We have one cat that sprays in one room and at one door. I haven't found anything, so I'll try this. Thanks.

    1. I have females and they have never gone in that room so it must have been in the floor from before and when I wet it with the carpet shampooer it brought it all out! Yuch! I hope you read the other comments about Nature's Miracle....nice to know that someone has actually used something and been successful!

  5. Yep.. us folks that get cold winters need to button down the hatches, and get everything ready for winter and cold.
    I'm doing that around here too. Needing to refinish the thresholds and seal them.
    Winter is a coming... but, we'll be ready **smile**.

    Have a great day!


    1. It is supposed to be a rough Winter all across the U.S. so I too am getting ready. I have a little pantry in my garage (it doesn't freeze as it's up off the cement floor right outside my kitchen door) and I clean it out good in the Fall. I want to paint it this year and then start stocking canned goods etc, in case I can't get out like when we had the ice storm and no power for a week! Now a days one should always be prepared for just about anything and everything! But it is also a great 'cozy' time of year! Have a great cozy week!

  6. What a busy bee you are. I like that bookcase. That green and black Peaches 'n Cream is speaking to me! I will have to keep an eye out. The pumpkin is a cute decoration. Yankee candles last forever and how sweet your son built you a new clothesline. How handy they both are.


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