Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Books, Magazines, and an addiction!

Is it the hibernating mode with the change of seasons? All of a sudden I can't get enough books!  I'm like a squirrel gathering nuts for Winter....only it's books!
Presently I have finished The Railroad Children and I really enjoyed it.  Sometimes I like children's books better than adult.
I'm still listening to this totally hilarious audio tape....and there are 6 of them so it may be awhile.
and I am still reading this magazine...........

and this book which is awesome!

and I started this one.  I am reading the prologue which is very long and boring.......
I'm hoping it will get better....it has to! LOL!
Then I dug out all my old Halloween and Fall magazines that I've hoarded saved.  Here are just a few......
to say I am in Halloween Heaven would be an understatement!
Do you recognize this woman?  We don't have much in common but we do share a love for Halloween!
Now for the "addiction" part.....I signed up for some emails of ebooks on sale that you can download to your Kindle.  In my case, I have an Android tablet but you can download the Kindle app to almost any tablet or pc.  Last week I subscribed to a wonderful blog that I highly recommend, Modern Mrs. Darcy
Her blog is all about books and she sends me an email each day containing ebooks on sale.    OMG! I kept wondering why people would say they had hundreds of books on their Kindles...now I know why!  These sales are usually only for that day so the pressure is on!  Do you buy it for $.99?   Of course, it's a book I've been wanting, it's a book I've heard good things about, it's a book I've never heard of but what a tale!  Buyer beware....they're not all $.99 either....some are $2.99 or $3.99 or $9.99....okay, so I bought one book for $9.99.  I have not read the email for today about what books are on sale but this is very addicting.  Okay, so now, if you love books.....run over to Mrs. Darcy's blog and sign up for her daily emails.....just be aware that I've warned you! LOL!
Do you want to see the books I got on my tablet?  Of course you do!
 Okay, this is the one I payed $9.99 for and actually if you go to her blog most of the content is there probably.
 But it is very well written and I am reading it now and I'm on Chapter 4 already.....it's good!  Lots of pictures too!
 This takes place in Minnesota, I think, and I am always pulled to any book that takes place in the Midwest.
 This book is written by one of the authors of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society which I adored!
 I've heard about this book for a long time.............
 ahhh....just what I need.......
You're not going to believe this one...a 4 year old girl is abandoned in the Columbian jungle and lives with a tribe of monkeys and survives to write this book......yes, you've got it right... this is a true story!!!!!  Now, come on......who could resist this book?  Really? 
This one also came highly rated on amazon (I check before buying).........
It's the "one-click" on Amazon that makes it SO EASY...........but truth be told these are all really good books according to the reviews.  I also got a bunch for free but this post is already way too long and I am hungry for dinner!  And I've got to go check my email to see what ebooks are on sale today That is also why I did not put in a synopsis of the books as you can get those on Amazon.  Most of these are still on sale but maybe not for $.99.  Enjoy your reading this week....I know I will!  Happy Trails!


  1. It must be that time of the year! I just went to the basement today and dug out a bunch of old Country Accent magazines. I also down-loaded a bunch of e-books from the library. Ready to hunker down and read!! Enjoy all of your good reads!

    1. Hi Liz! I wish I could get ebooks from our library but alas...it's a very small library.

  2. I'm ready to hunker down and stay cozy at home, but to be truthful, I haven't been reading much. I've been spending my time on podcasts and knitting. Pretty sad huh? I've fallen victim to the $.99 books on Amazon for my kindle and it adds up pretty fast. I have to stay away for awhile.

    1. I try to keep a balance between handwork and reading and during the day I am doing other things so I pick up my knitting or crocheting when I take a break and in the evening and then after the podcasts go off I read. But look at how much more knitting you get done than I do! LOL! Have a great day!

  3. You crack me up... hoarding books like a squirrel and his winter food!
    Yep.. I love books too... though I've been working on other projects recently.
    I need to check out the blog you linked, and I need to check out that book by the Guernsey book author, as I loved the Guernsey Potato book and recommend it to everyone :)

    Have a lovely Fall day, my friend.


    1. I always read at night. I never sit down during the day unless it is to take a break and then I knit a bit but not much. I know, I love the Guernsey book too and I can't wait to dig into this new one!

  4. What fun you've been having with books! That Halloween magazine is cool. I took the girls costume shopping yesterday and we visited the Spirit store for the first time. $39.99 for the tween's costume but we came home and I looked on Amazon; it was a little over half the price so I ordered it. The baby was easier and got a leopard headband and tail from Target and leggings. I told them we'll look next year on Amazon.

    1. I'm so glad you stopped by as I visit your blog but I have hard time finding where to leave a comment. I could not find it today but just to let you know I love your cards that you are making! Adorable and I would like to do something like that...some day! LOL! You are so talented and such a great Mom too!


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