Monday, October 17, 2016

YOP Week #16

Better late than never as the saying goes!  My son, Benjamin went to the Chicago Bear's game yesterday in Chicago and lucky for me I was able to listen to it on Free Football Radio .  He called me several times from the game and he and his friends were having a great time!  The weather was great too.  They had driven in from Iowa so it was nice that they had good weather and the Bears ALMOST won.....they lost by 1 point to the Jacksonville Jaguars after being in the lead for most of the game.  BTW the Iowa Hawkeyes won their game against Purdue on Saturday just in case you wanted to know! LOL!
 It is a wonderful but busy time of year.  It's hard trying to squeeze in all the wonderful activities and tasks associated with Fall!  But I am forging ahead and here's what I've been doing on the handwork front this week.
Mostly I've been trying to make some progress on my socks...........I have finished the foot on sock #1 and am now working on the foot of sock #2.  This is Cherry Heart's (Sandra Paul) tutorial for a first pair of socks but to tell the truth, if it was really my first pair of socks, I'm not sure I would have become a sock knitter!  You need a flow chart to follow her instructions as she tells you to do things and then repeat 3 times and then go back to somewhere else and then return and it can get very confusing and I have knit socks before!  I was a little surprised that she had a patterned sock for a first time sock knitter too.  I love Sandra and all her designs and patterns and color choices but I would not recommend this pattern for a first time sock knitter....sorry, Sandra.
I had to tear out a round of my Giant Granny blanket as I ran out of yarn just before the end of the round and I've started it again but have only made it back to where I was, so in other words, no real progress.  No yarn for Maybelle yet either but I did find out that Lilies of the Valley are called Maybelle flowers in nordic countries. 
I found a new blog I like, My 1929 Charmer  and she had the cutest knitted pumpkins she had made but she didn't reference the pattern.  I found it though on Ravelry
It is a pay for pattern and mine looks like the beginnings of a sock but it's not.  I'm using some leftover Noro Kureyon... (I think).  It's a great way to use up scraps and I do like to make something new each year for the current holiday.  I'm hoping to make a 'pumpkin patch' full! LOL!  Very easy so far.
 I managed to get the outdoor Halloween decorations up outside and my ceramic pumpkin that my Aunt Alice made (she's gone now so I cherish her ceramics that I have).
These ghosts hung in the trees on the farm when my children were growing up.....they have lasted many years!  They have tin cans weighting them down and when the wind blows the cans clang against each other.  I love the fact that at night when people drive down that other street and turn onto my street their car lights illuminate the ghosts and hopefully give them a 'fright'! LOL!
This morning when I got up I saw this in the sky..........strange clouds?  No, it's the fuel trails from the fighter jets that fly over from the Little Rock Air Force Base.  It is 3 hours away by car but not for them! 
And what is this?  The moon?'s a very bad picture of the space station flying over.  The local news tells us what time and where to look and when the grands were here this past Summer they got to see it and were really excited.  I just happened to look up the other evening and there it was going over.  It moves fast too!  Times like that I wish I had a better camera.
Well, that's all folks!  I'll try and get around to everyone today and see what you're up to.  This week is busy again; bi-annual doctor appointment in Mountain Home, grocery shopping, bill paying, painting outside...still!  But it has been beautiful and the leaves are turning and starting to fall here.  I hope you are enjoying good weather, good health and the simple beauty of nature where you are.  Happy Trails!


  1. I agree with you on those socks. First time sock knitters need something pretty basic and THEN go into pattern, charts, repeats etc. I do like the color you have chosen for the socks though. Very inviting. How many more rows on your granny before it is completed? I just know it is going to be one of your favorites to snuggle under this winter. Love your halloween decor and the little pumpkin knit is a great color. I am going to go and check out her blog. Finding new and interesting blogs is so much fun, don't you agree? Have a great week. Sounds like you are plenty busy with fall.

  2. Thank you for providing a link to 1929 Charmer Cottage and her knitted pumpkins. While I like to crochet pumpkins (the idea of knitting in the round still scares me) I might take her idea to use some rustic looking yarn to crochet me a pumpkin or two. Of course, I don't have any rustic-looking yarn, but, well... I'm inspired now to consider doing that. I just love her little pumpkin that looks like it's made of some rough and tough yarn. Your sock yarn is going to make a gorgeous pumpkin, too. Thanks for new inspiration!

  3. Your socks look brilliant and worth the confusion! I love the granny square blanket, it must be nearly done. I can't wait to see the pumpkin finished.

  4. Your socks look brilliant and worth the confusion! I love the granny square blanket, it must be nearly done. I can't wait to see the pumpkin finished.

  5. I am so glad you liked my blog and my pumpkins! I didn't pay for the pattern and found it free. So would of shared with you. I've tried making socks a few times and ended up with too many holes? So this year I'll be trying them out again. You're getting much more done for Fall than I have...thanks for your visit, sweet comment!

  6. I agree with you on the socks. I think you need to start very simple and basic and move on. If I would have tried anything that difficult, I never would have made all of the socks I have. Now I enjoy a more difficult and challenging pattern sometimes although I revert very often to a basic sock which my Hubby prefers anyway. I'm going to go check out the new blog you listed. I know I won't have time to make the pumkins this year, but next year..... Have a lovely week my friend.

  7. Your socks look awesome!! Fall decorations are always the best!!

  8. Oh I like your spooky decorations in the trees! Those socks are awesome!! Someday if I ever get caught up with projects I would like to learn to knit socks...but I would need a super easy pattern!!! I hope you have a good week! I hope to move along with my project list this week:)

  9. Love the ghosties, and the picture of the space station too. I love watching it when it is visible from my back porch. I am such a space nerd that way.

  10. Great projects, and you're making fantastic progress!

    Cute Halloween decorations.. I love those little ghosts.

    I finally finished painting my hubby's office... so a bit of progress around here, as well.

    Have a great day.


  11. Your ghosts made me smile. To think they've lasted all this time; that's pretty awesome. I think it's great how honest you were about the sock pattern. It depends upon how the instructions are laid out for repeats; it can get confusing for even me.

  12. I am loving the pumpkin bit --the yarn is so autumnal. Really a perfect color for a pumpkin and those DPNs are so pretty. I am having needle envy. I live in an apartment and we don't decorate. I used to but we are at bottom of 3 flights of stairs and nobody bothers to come down them. Actually they don't do trick or treating at my complex at all. My kids used to walk down a block to the non apartment dwellers when they trick or treated. It is one thing I miss from my home owner days...


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