Thursday, June 30, 2016

Working along on birthday presents.............

My daughter said she would not look at my blog until after the birthdays and their visit so I am free to share with looks like a deflated balloon right now but actually it is Grayson's giraffe I'm making for him.  I need to go buy some stuffing as I am out.  I made Sam one last year in blue with navy blue and Grayson's will be yellow with orange. 

I think you might have seen some of these squares before but my daughter had no idea they were for her.  She is an art teacher and one of her favorite artists is Frieda Kahlo.  In fact, during college she went for a 6 week school art session to Mexico and visited Frieda's house.  These squares need blocking for sure but they are large...almost 12" square.  It is called Frieda's basket and it will be a basket.  I am on the 4th square and then I need to block them and assemble.
This last square i goofed on and need to take back to the black...I  missed a row or 2.....oh, boy!
There is a fabric I saw that has Frieda Kahlo on it that I want to get to line it.  I hope it turns out.
I also goofed last week on my sock.........I was on the heel when I noticed the pattern wasn't right guessed it.....I had to start and knitting!  But rather something for me than a gift for someone if I'm going to mess up.
This is another kristen Nicholas self-striping sock!
I finished Black Coffee audio, an Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot mystery and it was really good.  I started listening to this one's good but they talk fast with a thick English accent which is hard for me to assimilate that quickly.  Maybe I'll get used to it.  I hope so otherwise I will miss out on the story line and the jokes.
This bird was out on my neighbors fence today and I have no idea what it any of you know?

It was like a rusty red color with a long curved beak and I think there was some black on the wings and a spot of white.
That's all for today.  I hope you had a great one!  Happy Trails!


  1. Your gift knitting and crocheting is great. Those squares are so pretty and I love the colors. Looking forward to seeing the giraffe completed. I am interested in audio books but need to know if you get them from your library or do you have an app to use? That is a strange bird for sure. The yarn you are using for YOUR sock is so nice. I love self striping yarn.

    1. I bought them at the thrift store. I got a whole bunch of them for $3.00 each a while ago. Some I've had for years and I am going through and either listening or getting rid of them. I won't pay full price as some are so pricey but I also would love to join Audio books which I tried on my tablet and many Amazon books you can get the audio version on your tablet. There is also Oyster where you can "rent" for less and download. Check them out. I'm just trying to use what I have.

  2. Beautiful squares!! She is going to be so happy.

  3. Did you watch the Jeeves and Wooster series on PBS back in the 90's? I was addicted to it! It is so well done and easier to follow when you see the characters. The actors were perfect in their parts. You will never believe it, but the guy who is "House" was Bertie Wooster. He must be a terrific actor because the two characters are so, so different. I have one of the seasons on VHS.

  4. I love those colors on the squares. You have many fun projects (and books) going on.

  5. You will be knitting some way cool socks! We have company...picnics and lots of food in our future:)

  6. Your socks look brilliant, love those colours.


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