Saturday, July 2, 2016

Are you celebrating this holiday weekend?

I went to Walmart yesterday and got myself some "treats" along with groceries.  It was packed in there yesterday.  Evidently some people took Friday off or everyone had the same idea as me to get shopping done before the weekend.  Anyway, remember how I say that I get to eat anything I want on holidays?  Well, I got chips and some great artichoke dip made with yogurt...very good, I already tried it.  They had my Heavy Melon beer I enjoy, I got some blue tortilla chips and salsa and a cantaloupe...first of the season for me.  I love melons!  I usually eat pretty healthy anyway.
 Today I peeled and cut up the melon  and put it in a container in the frig so it will be ready for breakfast tomorrow morning along with my Pillsbury orange cinnamon rolls I'll make.
I had extra "stuffing" left from those terrible "cabbage burgers" so I decided to make them into tacos! The cabbage will replace the lettuce and I added the taco seasoning and I have the shells crisping in the oven.  We'll see how it tastes.  It's got to be better than the "cabbage burgers".
I forgot to show you a picture of my needles yesterday............
I also got these at Walmart...........
Aren't they pretty?
I finally got some stuffing for the giraffe..........

Organic cereal!  At Walmart no less!!!!!
And this magazine............I haven't bought a magazine in several years now but this one was a premier issue of a new magazine by Taste of Home publishers was my 4th of July celebration present to myself! LOL!
I hope you are enjoying your weekend and treating yourself like you deserve to be treated!
Happy Trails!
P.S. Remember...tomorrow is the first Week of Year of Projects 2016-2017!  The first week we reveal our plans and projects for the coming exciting!


  1. Hi there Sam I am! Hope you are having a wonderful 4th of July weekend. I like your blog, how did those cabbage tacos turn out? and yes, Ms. Wilma is my mini dachshund. I also have BamBam and their baby, Dino!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!! I've been avoiding big stores all weekend. Think you will post the cabbage burger recipe?

  3. Sounds like you are all set to celebrate the 4th. Cheers to you! :)

  4. Your recipe sounds pretty good. Let us know how it tasted.

  5. Hi,
    I'm sure you will love your dpn carbons. I have ditched all my old metal and bamboo pins as I find these absolutely wonderful knit with.
    I use my old ones as "stichholders" when I work on the other sock. I do both parallel to get an even result and to knit them identical as I mostly knit without a pattern.
    I' sure you'll love them. Love your blog!


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