Friday, July 1, 2016

I waited and waited and today was the day!

My treasures arrived from the U.K.!  Royal Mail no less!  Before I forget, I want to wish all my Canadian friends Happy Canada Day!!!!!!  Yay!!!!!  I love you guys, your country, and your fine looking and liberal thinking Prime Minister and his family.  Could you clone him and send him here?  Anyway, I hope you have a great day and weekend and just keep celebrating with us on Monday! LOL!
Okay, now for the supplies so that I can get off to a rip-roaring start on Year of Progress 2016-2017 which starts this Sunday.  If you want to join in please do!  Here's the link
If you don't have a logon id you can set one up for free and then once you have your id just click on the link again and it will take you to the YOP page.  It is so fun and we do it all; knitting, crocheting, name it!  So please come join us.
Okay, now really, here are my treasures.............I know it's a bit early but here is my Christmas sock yarn.  Little Bobbins podcast has a Christmas Eve cast on for socks every year and this year I am joining in!  I saw this yarn and thought it was perfect so these will be my Christmas Eve cast on socks. The yarn is by West Yorkshire Spinners and I have heard many good things about this yarn.  Everything you see today I purchased at Deramores in the U.K. and I qualified for free shipping!
 I also purchased this yarn for my Sandra Paul socks but I cast them on with my Kristen Nicholas self-striping.....but...........I may cast on with this yarn as Sandra's pattern (Cherry Heart is her blog and she is also on Ravelry) has a pattern and it is not going to show up very well on the self-stripping.  This yarn looked a little heathered but we'll see as now that I have it in my hands it is not as "heathered" as I thought.  But the pattern will definitely show on this yarn for sure!

In addition, I got this sock yarn for my Summer socks as it reminded me of watermelon. 

 These yarns are Stylecraft Special DK in the first colors of a giant granny square that I want to do and also some cream colored yarn to finish my Maybelle blanket.
 And last but not least more needles! I have wanted to try some Karbonz needles for awhile now and so I ordered them for sock knitting and I ordered a set of dpn's and also circulars in a 40" cable.  My dpn's are a size 2 U.S. as I evidently knit tightly and the size 1 was to small a gauge for my socks.
What a wonderful treasure trove of knitting delight right before the holiday weekend!  Guess what I'll be doing?  Along with cleaning for company and working on birthday gifts for others! LOL!
What are your plans for the holiday weekend?
Happy Trails! 



  1. Yay for yarn!!!! Always so much fun with that box shows up!! Can't wait to see all the socks you make. Great color choices!

  2. I love wys - I have 2 balls of the birds - which one have you got? Sirdar heart and soul was lovely as well - a great haul

  3. Fun! Fun! Fun! I love all of your choices. I've been thinking of joining in with Little Bobbins Christmas socks too. I also use U.S. Size 2 for my socks as I am a tight knitter. I used 1's one time and had to frog the entire pair of socks because they wouldn't go over anyone's instep! Let me know how you like the karbonz needles, I've been thinking of trying them too, but I do love my knitpicks DPN's. Have fun! We're out camping for the weekend and loving every minute of it.

  4. Ooh! Sock yarn! One can never have too much sock yarn. Please talk again about the Christmas Eve cast on. I'd love to join but need a reminder.

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