Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pizza, Pizza

I wanted to post about this the other day but I got sidetracked so here it is today...I told you about my love affair with King Arthur (flour and website) and I have wanted to make every one of their recipes but alas I need some supplies so it will be "spotty" posts when I have the ingredients.  But I did manage to make their Easiest Pizza You'll Ever Make and it was just that!  Very easy, quick and delicious.
I made the dough in my Kitchen Aid mixer with the dough hook, only because I gave up all that "kneading" by hand when I got RA.  Saving my hands for my knitting and crocheting..lol!  I put it in my oven with just the light on for 1-2 hours.  Actually, that was one of the days the girls and I went for a hike.
 When I took it out it looked like this......BTW, this makes 4 crusts

I rolled one out and froze the rest.........I forgot to take a picture of the "rolling" but
it's the flour with the rolling pin activity although pizza dough is very elastic and tends to go back every time you roll it out so do your best but then I took it and grabbed the edges and held it up and went around the edge letting it stretch out kind of like the pizza "throwers" do but very gently as I am no professional and I didn't want it to end up on the floor! LOL!

I wrapped the other dough in plastic wrap and froze it and after it was frozen I put them in another big freezer bag. 
 I view pizza like I do scrambled eggs and some soups.....it's a great way to clean out the frig and utilize what you have without things going to waste.  I had the last of my tomatoes from the garden that I chopped up.  I had some fresh basil from my plant that I brought in for the Winter (we'll see how long it lasts) and I had some slices of Provolone cheese.  I basted the crust with olive oil but I did not use any tomato sauce but you could.
As you can tell this is not "fancy" and I didn't even chop up the basil.  The leaves were small so I just rubbed them around in my hands to release their wonderful aroma and sprinkled them over the pizza, the tomatoes were just roughly chopped and the cheese I just folded and tore.  A little salt and in the oven it went.
15-20 minutes later there she was!  As you can see I was not picky about the shape either....it's definitely rustic and I don't have a pizza pan but let me tell you it was wonderful!  I made another one from the frozen dough as I wanted to see how that worked and I took it out in the morning and let it defrost, I oiled a bowl and worked the dough just a bit with my hands to "wake it up" and plopped it in the bowl.  I again put it in the oven with just the light on for warmth and it rose perfectly and made another great crust.  This truly was the easiest and best tasting I've ever made.  I like a crispy crust and that's exactly what I got but they have many other recipes for any type of crust you like.  In fact, this could have been thick crust if you rolled it that way and you can build up the edges to hold lots of toppings.  It also reheats well in the oven.  I put however many pieces I'm wanting on a regular plate at 250 degrees centigrade (any hotter and your plate will break...ask me how I know this) for 15-20 minutes.....no soggy pizza crust!  When I take it out I put it on another plate...the oven plate is too hot!
I hope you try this as I think you will be surprised at how easy and delicious it is.  Happy Trails!
P.S.  King Arthur also has pizza flavoring and other pizza products but I haven't tried them...yet.  I'll let you know if I do and if you have please let me know.  Have a great day!
P.S.P.S.  Peak color is over and the artic air is "blowing" in as I blog.  It is a blustery, cold day here.  Great for more baking!


  1. I need a mixer with a dough hook, I keep thinking one day I will find one at a garage sale! Your dough looks great...and I bet if you used a glass pie plate to reheat that would work better! I have lots of those I use them all the time...they were garage sales find too:)

  2. That dough looks beautiful raw. The final dough looks mouthwatering. It got good rise and color.

  3. The pizza looks delicious. A simple recipe is the best. My pizza usually is the result of fridge leftovers.

  4. I love King Arthur recipes. Have you tried their Special Sugar Cookies? They are to die for! I think I have them posted on my blog too.


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