Thursday, November 13, 2014

My treasures came in the mail!

I got the stuff from Amazon and Deramores in England on the same day! LOL!  See, I told you Deramores was good!  They were ordered on the same day.  I think we have too much "red tape"  in this country.  But I'm glad they're here.  Now, I can start my workshops.
It is freezing here today....literally.   It only got to 35 degrees centigrade today and it's usually n the 60's this time of year.  We totally bypassed Fall.
 I have wanted this book for so long and it is actually written by Nicki Trench using Debbie Bliss yarns.  I want to make those doilies on the front cover there.
I did get some Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino yarn and I didn't think the cost was too much until I saw the size of the skeins.  LOL!  They're about half the size of a regular skein or less.  I better look at weight instead of price or both.  It is soft and gorgeous though and where else can you get these wonderful muted colors........
Here are my workshop books.......
I've already started reading the Crochet book as I am a better crocheter than knitter so I thought I could get going on that workshop sooner and I am ready for the first project!  I do love this book though because it has a section on chart symbols and also corners.  Now those are 2 areas where I could learn a thing or 2.    I won't tell you about the first workshop project but I will surprise you later.  I'll probably dip into the knitting book later this evening.
My new cables came in also and on the backs there is a sock pattern and a mitt pattern
I got a good amount done yesterday too...finished the dresser.........I'm trying to not have too much "stuff" on my surfaces....these are necessary; lamp for seeing, scent warmer so if anyone comes to the door they smell it and not the dogs and a bowl for my sunglasses and keys.  As I said, this is right next to the front door.
  There's a mirror above so I don't leave the house looking like the wicked witch when it's no longer Halloween! LOL!
I made a dinner...Baked Ziti Casserole and it was very good except don't use powdered milk!  I can taste the dang stuff and although it's still good it would have been so much better with real milk.  What was I thinking?  It's fine to use in my bread making but not in a white sauce.  Also, I couldn't get the ball of mozzarella so I had to use shredded in the package.  This is a no meat dinner but you could put Italian sausage in it if you wanted to.  I made it in my Mother's old lasagna dish.
As for my list yesterday; I made dinner, and one doctor appointment and worked on Christmas presents and I'm paying bills today but no ironing has gotten done yet.  Last night I watched Nashville and tonight is Grey's Anatomy.....mindless t.v. for the mindless! LOL!
I hope you had a great day!  Happy Trails!


  1. Good to get stuff in the mail. I just finished a bead order...will it ever hobbies are expensive! Oh well the nearest Bead shop is 90 miles just think of the gas I am saving! Good luck with your projects...that yarn sure is pretty:)

  2. That first book looks good, and our library doesn't have it. Is it rather new? I did find the other one though. The dinner looks delicious.

  3. I'm so excited for you!! It's wonderful that your purchases got there so quickly.
    I love the books; they look like they have such pretty patterns in.

    I am finding my handicraft gene again. It had gone dormant, and I am working on more handicraft stuff now.
    I was taught how to crochet and knit by my grandmother, as a child. I remember some of the things she taught me, but there is so much more to learn.
    Maybe this winter, I will have to learn how to make granny squares.
    I long to make a granny square throw :)

    Well.. happy weekend to you, and I hope you enjoy those projects.


  4. You got some fun books and lovely yarn. I saw the baby cash and was like ooh... The casserole dish looks yummy, good, comfort food.

  5. That dinner looks delicious! Yummy! I find it hard to pay too much for yarns but it's probably worth it if we want what we create to last. Your dresser looks lovely with your 'essentials'!


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